The Choice To Dress Well Is A Talent And A Discipline!

We always have a choice and the choice to dress well happen to be a talent and a discipline that you can learn. How you learn to acquire your own signature style and stamp is possible, and it can be fun. What you wore when you were younger most likely will change as you experience life and grow into who you are here to be. Knowing what and how to wear your clothes and to always arrive looking great will take time to learn and will be so worth it.

What you don’t want to happen is that your fashion style becomes static. When that happens, you no longer have a signature style that represents your best image. Outdated, frumpy and old fashion is not what you want and to avoid it you must take specific steps to prevent it. How to acquire the discipline and good taste for what will be best and right for you will take some ingenuity and time. You will learn to wrap your image up with the best of what’s right for you and that will take you to a confident self-image.

How do you get to the knowledge of what’s at your core right for you and your lifestyle? You must start knowing the five basic essentials and learning them like the back of your hand. Once you know your core style, you can begin to move it forward and add new and trendy pieces that fit your signature style and stamp. The method has to be learned, and most women don’t come by it naturally. One of the main reasons that women give up especially as they age is that what you could get away with in the younger years no longer works.

The talent good taste and discipline of fashion if you’re a woman in business has to be a part of your master plan. Lesson number one will be the five essential that you must learn. Revealing too much flesh, too tight, and clinging; and too girly and fussy will no longer work. You want to aim for the grown-up business image, and yes you can add in a lot of styles, yet it must fit your signature style and stamp; your persona. Fit and comfort have to be a part of that image that fits your lifestyle.

Let’s face it, ladies, we need to be brutal and honest about our bodies and how we want to appear. How do you want others to address you? That is how you must dress. Remember that age and experiences are giving you a significant advantage use both. The choice to dress well can be a talent and a discipline.

Learn the five essentials and gain your Signature, Style, And Stamp!

The five basic essentials for signature, style, and stamp click here:

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Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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