Surprising Thoughts About Character Reflected In Your Style!

The question for you is why do we choose to purchase the clothes that we wear? What is the intention that you want to convey, is it to be comfortable, attractive, modest, or revealing? This is just a pet peeve of mind because I always wonder what the intention is for a woman to show her cleavage? It does not reflect in the best light her femininity nor her sexuality. The truth be told what we wear will always be a true reflection of our heart and soul. When you make a conscious decision to wear a particular garment, it reflects you as an individual.

The choices you make in selecting your clothes will define you, stop and think about it. When you go shopping you only buy what you like and when you wear the pieces you purchase you want it to show off your personality and reveal your character to the people who will see you, and you recognize the sense it makes to others, or do you think about it? The original charter is reflected in how you behave yet how you present yourself has merit as well. Clothing is the first impression; however, when it comes to character, you can not ever judge a person solely on what they’re wearing.

It is the door opener yet don’t miss the unlimited opportunity to get to know someone and no judgment until you do get to know them one on if that is possible.

How you choose, your wardrobe speaks louder than the talk, so know that the motives of one’s character will always be seen by what you’re wearing first. What about this prime example when you go for the interview you dress to impress, you still want to look your best you are selling yourself by your looks, your image speaks before you say one word. When you except that you will have no question marks about the saying – Seeing believes and actions speak louder than words. You can make every excuse there is yet never forget that saying it speaks volumes for all of us everywhere. Yes, customs, and cultural play a big part in this yet again; it still remains as a fact of life.

What is an acceptable fact today is that a person’s choice to wear clothes whether they are flattering or not, makes a statement about their body image, and self-image? A scientific fact to support the idea that the details of one’s clothes, do have significant meaning, have been proven to be factual. It is because we have the freedom to dress in a way that pleases us that our clothing is a reflection of our character. Fashion has always been a required form of self-expression. So we say we don’t judge a book by its cover yet like it or not regardless of opinion we are books and the clothes we wear are the covers by which people form their first impressions of us.

Why do you make the clothing choices that you do? We are all social animals and emotional in our outlook; if we have open and loving hearts. You make a choice and know that clothes are a chance to play out different roles in your life. You could say it is a means and a part of your character development. The journey to the discovery and the wonder of you, allowing your real persona to show up and stand out saying I am here I have arrived.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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