Style Are Your Choices And Fashion The Language You Choose!

The language and words you use to express your signature style will represent you, so make sure you know what that is for you and how to showcase it to the maximum. A favorite quote that brings it home clearly is this so take it in and enjoy it. “Fashion is the vocabulary and the grammar. We don’t have control over it, it is shaped by the culture we live in, and just like regular language, we don’t get to control it. We only get to manage our Signature Style.

Fashion is the language. A style is what we choose to say in it. That’s where technique comes in, and we have unlimited means as to how we express ourselves in fashion. Here are just a few small samples of the things that can be said in a manner expressing your signature style: Playful, Classy, Functional, Elegant, Conventional, Creative, Sexy, Tough, Edgy, Free-spirited; and so many more you get the idea.

We can discuss how sexism in fashion and style work and drives home the point that you communicate with what you wear whether that is your intention or not.

Words in fashion come and go like anything yet many remain and become iconic in their meanings, the word that we can use that sums up what was popular in 2017 was power. Topping the list of words and as it relates to women, we can all understand how that came to be. If ever it was the time of the woman it is now and, it has just begun. We have dominant colors, great shapes, and general displays of power, yea!

It has been brought to our attention those of us who love the style as it connects to fashion that several words have been put way back on the backburner, A few such words would be “beauty,” “Lady,” “Etiquette,” “Decorum,” and “Grace.” How can we explain this not sure because as an example contemporary fashion and “anti-fashion” continues to challenge beauty standards and dissemble established notions of taste; but does this inevitably means creating new ones?

Your Signature Style will have several words attached to it, and that’s a good thing, the key is just making sure they fit you and your lifestyle to a tee. When you do this all is well, and you come up in a win-win setting, and that’s terrific, the language you chose fits you, and you are connected to your style at your core.


Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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