Why Spending Time In Nature Does Wonders For The Soul!

Why Spending Time In Nature Does Wonders For The Soul!

When you love spending time outdoors and communing with nature it will do wonder for you and your soul. The many ways that are available for you to do this are unlimiting and all rewarding in numerous ways. Spending time outdoors can be beneficial in ways that are beyond words and will open up your soul antennas. Let’s look at some ways that are in the higher range and without question are excellent to your well being.

It is a reminder that you are not infinite – When you spend time in nature you are reminded that life is fleeting, and sometimes we need that perspective in order to remember what truly matters. You will see that the life cycle is all around and how animals and plants live and die to make room for the next generation; even though we humans are a completely different life form, we are no exception to the rule. It also reminds us of how small we are in the grand scheme of things.

There is no societal influence – You are suddenly transported into the woods with nothing surrounding you but nature, you would likely have no idea what year, or even century, it was. You might not know what continent you’re on, there are no trends, influences, or expectations, you are free to ponder life in its purest form. It most likely would be a very spiritual experience to spend some time removed from anything man-made.




There is always more to learn about our planet – There is always more to learn when it comes to the natural world. Spend some time in the outdoors and realize how little you actually know about his planet we call home. How many species can you name? Do you know anything about their life cycle? So much to learn and a lot that we haven’t even discovered yet.

It teaches us about living in harmony Hundreds of species of plants and animals can live among each other in one small area. Humans could certainly learn to take note. The Eco-system is meant to work this way, each fragment contributes to a greater balance as they coexist. It also has a calming effect the natural beauty where ever you find it does that that’s why people as well love views, of the water, sunsets, mountains, ranges and sunrises, etc.

It is a reminder that everything looks perfect from far away When we appreciate the beauty of the autumn leaves, we don’t think about the fact that those brilliant colors signify that the leaves are dying. A wave crashing on the sand might look beautiful to us as we watch it from afar, but how do you think those little crabs feel when they get stuck in it? We have these lessons that we can apply to our lives,as well. You never know what kind of pain someone is hiding beneath a seemingly happy smile; you never know about the parts of people’s lives that you can not see.

It is a reminder that chaos is a part of life – Chaos is inevitable, and life is not always going to fall into place seamlessly. While the messy parts of life may not always be resolved in the best way, there is always a chance you’ll find a rainbow at the end of a storm. A rainbow in view is just another way of connecting with your soul. Embrace nature she will teach you life lessons that will sustain you through out your life.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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