How Your Soul And Art Are Connected – Creativity & Spirituality!

How often have you been asked are you spiritual and do you see yourself as creative? What we know now is that the two go hand in hand, and one can feed off of the other, and you can become stronger in both. Creating is meditation in action. Through the act of creating you are communicating with your soul and the product is the manifestation of that. Our brain works in mysterious ways, the left side rules logic and reason, while the right controls over the creative.

The right side of your brain has a direct line to the soul. Many creative people throughout history have also been very much into their spirituality. Vincent Van Gogh rejected institutional religion later in life, but he was a deeply spiritual man. Van Gogh retained his religious passion and re channeled it into his art. Emily Dickinson often wrote of death and immortality, she attended church often but was not conventional in her faith. She was deeply rooted in communicating with her inner-self and free about her faith that was strong in her family at that time.

When you are connecting to your soul, it is a divine act that brings you in touch with love, empowerment and a sense of purpose. Your soul is your source energy and is the energy behind the secret of the law of attraction. Your mind is always trying to communicate with you, but how does it? In the beginning, it will speak to you through your deepest desires. These desires are called your soul urges. The more time you take, and the attention, and energy you have to connect to these dark desires the clearer and stronger they become.


When you can discern between ego desire and soul urges that is when you will be connected to both and in balance. Ego desires bring temporary fulfillment at best, whereas heart desires bring lasting satisfaction. The beauty is that once you are attached to what the soul wants your soul will begin to respond to you and open more lines of communication. You will find this not only exciting but very empowering. It is a significant step in co-creating your life with the aspect of self that is powerful, more intelligent and more knowing than the human personality alone.

What you don’t want to do is limit your thinking and don’t make the mistake of confusing creativity with “Art”. Art encompasses a broad range of creativity and is not only for those who are artists. A scientist or an engineer can be creative, otherwise, how would we have such innovative thinkers? The root of creativity is not actually in the brain, though, but in the soul. It is here from which you derive inspiration. You might not be specifically and artist but, if you are a spiritual person you can not only think outside of the box but dig down into yourself to connect with a higher wisdom that guides you where you need to be.

When you make your creative endeavors a religious rite of sorts, make them your prayer, your offerings, in honor of whatever it is that you hold sacred. Share your creation with the world, either by donating it to charity, giving it to others or putting it on display for all to see. Put your unique perspective in everything that you do. It could be knitting a quilt, or decorating a house, singing a song or creating virtual words on the computer, dig deep inside of you and make it an expression of what’s important to you, or your unique view of the world, (or how you think it should be).

Simply remember the spirituality of creativity and how art and enlightenment go hand in hand. Once you do it becomes easy to connect the art of your soul and your purpose because they are linked.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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