Why Smart Women Have The Secrets On How To Attract Men!

Let’s face it women know much more about attraction than men do. Women have years of practice at getting people to notice them. The experience that women have in getting guys to like then is legendary because they have gone through the training. Women know the art of attraction and all the secrets. But, it works both ways, men can learn the secrets as well and get great results. So what are they and how do they work?

Secret Number 1: Know What You Want

When you know what you would like it means that the search for a partner is realistic, and the screening of potential candidates is making a powerful statement as well. What you are showing is that you are not desperate, and the power is within because the judging that happens means that the pursuing is on your terms.

Secret Number 2: Be The Prize

Using this means you have a certain amount of value to others. Others will want you for some reason, and it is their job to try and get your attention. When this happen, you must place a particular value on yourself. Feel that you are worthy to be pursued and communicate that fact with your actions and attitude.

Women get a lot of men trying to impress them. But, it’s the rare person they want to impress who winds up with them.


Secret Number 3: Dress To Impress

Women place a lot of importance on how they look. Women understand that what you wear helps to get others to notice. Because of this fact women are in tune with fashion, and they tend to see how a guy dresses. Smell fantastic and be interesting these two qualities are tied in with the grooming and dress to impress.

Secret Number 4: Do What’s Unexpected

How do you create an air of excitement around you? It is best when you do what people will not expect and by doing so you will create an air of excitement and uncertainty, it keeps people on their feet and attentive when around you and that’s good. One of the best tips is instead would be to compliment on the intelligence rather than one’s looks, when you do it keeps the excitement alive.

Secret Number 5: Play Hard To Get And Be Adventurous

No one ever appreciates for long anything that comes quickly to them. Play hard to get it will make the pursuer emotionally invested in the outcome. Adventure is about pushing boundaries and doing things that are new and outside of your typical comfort zone.

What would be the best way to end this article? “Aristotle,” said this long ago and, and it still rings true today – Quality is not an act, it is a habit. How you treat yourself is your announcement to the world of how much you are worth. The ending question being “How are you teaching the world to treat you starting now?

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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