What Signs Show That A Person Has A Good Sense Of Humor?

What does it mean to have no sense of humor, what are the sign that a person has no sense of humor? Why do we feel comfortable around certain people and not others? Some people don’t laugh much even if there is something to laugh about why? Others seem to be chuckling to themselves all the times. Individuals who can laugh at themselves are a lot more fun to be around because you feel they don’t take themselves too seriously, so you don’t need to either.

We all like people who laugh. It makes us feel we can let down our guard; we are more comfortable with people that we can laugh with, and it allows us to laugh as well. When you make a bold statement like the one here, it makes people wonder, because who is to say if it holds water or not? “Most of the misery in the world is caused by individuals with no sense of humor.” What you might be attempting to say maybe was that people like this wind up taking themselves too seriously, which makes them mean and unhappy. Who is to say if this is true or not?

When people can’t experience the joy they wind up trying to fill their hollow parts with material things, to convince themselves, they’re happy. The emptier they feel the harder they work to buy more stuff to fill up the emptiness when all they have to do is learn how to laugh again. When they can start with themselves, in particular, it can be the beginning of acquiring a sense of humor.



Personal development and self-acceptance when not in place would be a sure sign that a sense of humor is not present and on the back burner. When you meet people who have a light-hearted attitude and are good humored embracing their flaws and can laugh them off in a healthy way, it is a good sign that humor is in the air.

The majority of people who are creative tend to have a good sense of humor. It takes a lot of mental energy to come up with quick-witted quips that keep grins on others faces.

There is a fine line between well-intentioned humor and mean-spirited jokes, and the person with a good sense of humor knows the difference. Getting a laugh at someone else’s expense is the comedy, and that’s proven over and over again. What we all recognize now is that it is just another form of bullying, and that is not acceptable. We can be funny and kind and make people laugh without hurting their feelings. Individuals who have a good sense of humor use it to their advantage’ their giggles can stimulate the organs, improve your immune system and relieve pain, it can be just that powerful.

Your sense of humor reveals a lot about you, the jokes you make and what you laugh at reveals more about you than you might realize. Humor provides a window to your personality. Having a sense of humor is a strength that correlates with health and happiness. When you can hang on to a sense of humor, it shows an incredibly positive trait. It is a fantastic coping mechanism and has a reinforcing cycle. When you can see the funny side and laugh, the greater the sense of happiness it instills, and that allows you to see even more positive things.

Humor is a core component in resiliency. The happiest and most successful people don’t just stop at one way of looking at a situation, they explore other ways and stay open to other possibilities.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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