How Do You Separate Hope From Ambition & Expectation?

How do you separate the three of these words they have much in common but are so very different? When you hope for something, and it happens you are happy, why because it is something that you hoped for and when it arrives it is like a gift. The beauty of hope is that it has the potential for both a negative and a positive outcome, what you have the potential to do is to make it a positive and to do that you have to add in ambition.

You can add ambition with hope, and you get an entirely different outlook. You go in with the belief that you have created in your mind by putting it to work in the real world. Once you do so the reality, you allow to take you over becomes real. When you mix the mental and spiritual beliefs, it takes on a different meaning. The expectation is such a mixed bag; that is not something that’s worked towards, and it has a bit of the entitlement syndrome attached to it.

What will you do in the real world, you set your standards high and work to surpass all that goes with hope and expectations. Look more to your ambitions and where you want to be. You don’t have to ignore hope and expectations but don’t see them as guides to where you desire to be in your life you want to rise above faith and head for actual results that showcase your lifestyle.

Would you agree that almost everyone wants some success in their lives? Success does not arrive on hope. Hope can be a part of it, and if one expects it and works towards it most likely, it will happen. What has to be a part of that mindset and outlook would be high standards. Once you set your standards high, they will present a potential of risk and offer rewards when you surpass the criteria you set.

Entitlement is a dangerous thing and far too many who have added hope without genuinely understanding the spirit of it, are lost before they begin. Confidence and benefit do not make the best of friends. When you add the assumption to the three listed you can get yourself into big trouble. It appears to be easy to add the premise to all of the words contained in the headline, and you realize how deadly that can be. Your responsibility would be to understand the meanings of each and to move accordingly in your chosen field of life, personal and business.

Today technology affords us all the chance to quickly get to the meat and potatoes of what’s meaningful to us and to act accordingly. It is your choice to separate hope from ambition and put expectations on the back burner.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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