Why A Sense Of Entitlement And Chance Are Not Connected!

Chance and fortune are linked and belong together, and they both have no relationship with a sense of entitlement. How does one acquire a sense of entitlement and expect special treatment just because you are you, and it is what you deserve? Well here is a slice of reality that relates to the “me,” me,” me,” attitude. It is not all about you, and when it is, it is linked with narcissism that says you are looking at you as being special, is way off the mark. You are not so special and here are some reasons why.

What is not healthy or natural is the sense of entitlement because it is not healthy or normal. It is not physical or healthy in any view of normal. The truth is, having a sense of entitlement is a “malignant” form of self-love because it often harms the people around and indirectly harms all in the long run.

When in essence, a sense of entitlement is established and upheld by the belief that we are the center of the universe, and if the world doesn’t meet our needs and desires, all hell will break loose. With this mindset often comes the failing to learn as children and young adults that we are not so special and that other people don’t merely exist to serve our needs and wants.

Let’s look at some typical examples of this negative behaviors:




You impose unrealistic demands onto your family, friends and others

You tend to feel sorry for yourself (self-pity)

People have called you a “bully,” manipulative, ruthless, vain and other names similar to the above.

You regularly see people as competition or threats.

You tend to take more than you give in friendships and relationships.

The five behaviors listed are just the tip of the iceberg, remember that we all suffer from personality flaws. The difference is while some of us are stingy or deeply insecure, while others have a sense of entitlement complexes. If you tend to have some of the above traits, there are many ways to work slowly through them and begin to improve and invite more real chance into your life.

The first path is to develop more Self-Awareness. Work to accept life as it is without imposing your beliefs, ideals or expectations on others. Concentrate on developing compassion and empathy. Begin asking how does this affect others? Celebrate with other people and celebrate other people. Pay attention to the happiness and joy of others, happiness shared is happiness multiplied.

Change, will not come overnight, but with dedication and will power it will arrive, and your life will take a permanent turn for the better. What you can do is slowly work on cultivating the right SELF-LOVE, the good self-love that belongs to you and you alone. Don’t let the malignant kind take control and rulership of your life. Opportunities will come and show you the way to what you desire. One of the best weapons for a healthy sense of entitlement is too move into your birthright and purpose; do your knows what that is and if not do you know have to find out what it is for you? Align yourself with your birth right and mission and move in that direction.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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