Savvy Ways To Your Truth About Style!

You want to be in charge of and on top of what’s your fashion style. When you understand why it becomes the best one for your body shape and lifestyle, you’re getting into your truth. The truth about fashion never ends and will always be ongoing. How you define it for you is all that matters. It is up to you to put an end to what is not valid for your fashion style and the image you wish to project. You can not get away from the vital fashion role that is a part of our society.


Let’s look at some ways that you can develop your signature style and stamp it as your own. Let’s put an end to some of the old wives tales surrounding clothing and fashion. True and False will help to keep it secure and straightforward. Many say that the monotone look will make you appear to have lost up to 10 pounds. Well, that’s true when you keep your color in the one family tone it will make you look thinner. It is more so when it is a darker color. It does not have to be black as long as it is in the same hue, and tone it will make you appear thinner.

The layered look is fashionable now, and many say that it can make you appear thinner. That is not true, and it depends a lot on the fabrics used and how you use them. Even when you layer in lightweight materials, it will not show you off as thinner — many wear layer to conceal problem areas or wear clothing that is too baggy. The same applies when you wear clothing that is too tight; it only serves to accentuates that area. Your best bet will always be more structured clothing, not oversize. Remember this you do not wear anything that you don’t feel confident in; you have to feel good in your clothes.

When you go into your closet, what are the items that you always go too? Ask yourself why? Those garments are the ones that you’re going to build your savvy wardrobe around. Your assignment, develop a signature style around what you feel best in and stamp that to your image. You want to dress to empower you not to impress others. I know your truth and what you feel confident and fabulous in matters. Knowing your fashion preference is paramount. If you’re the casual type dramatic is not going to allow you to feel confident and grand ever.

You must always think about how you feel not what others might think!

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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