Savvy Ways To Prowl About In Your Animal Prints!

Why not? Animal prints allow you to have an edge, and they are becoming more and more timeless. The leopard print never went out of style, and now we have a large variety of animal prints to choose from choices unlimited. The safari look in animal prints continues, and your options are never-ending. You can choose from the cheetah, snake, tiger and so many more the leopard being at the top of the chain. In other words, only in jest, we can say welcome to your fun zoo so enjoy the trip. You are now in the popular movement of the prowl where you are the winner.

Women today no longer have to play it safe with just a bit of the animal look, not today you have the opportunity too get away from the demure look and go for the elegant and stylish look that animal prints allow you to wear. Sexuality, power and a bit of vulnerability show up in the wearing of animal prints, and that’s appealing to everyone. Pretty much all of the animal prints are popular, yet the three major ones still rule. The leopard, jaguar, and the cheetah always take the lead. Your choices are endless.

What’s appealing is that these animal looks are faux fashion looks. No animals were harmed to give you the look of their skins. You might wonder how much is too much, and you would be right on point. It boils downs to you and your lifestyle and personality how bold and active are you the decision of how depends entirely on those two factors. You can sprinkle your wardrobe with finishing pieces like accessories. A belt, handbag, shoes, scarves, and jewelry you have unlimited choices. Like anything else, you have to base it all on your budget, personality, and lifestyle.

How you decide to mix and match is another story, and you need to be mindful, remember we are going for your signature style and how you stamp it to your lifestyle. It is an art form when you start to play around with stripes, plaids, and other patterns that you want to blend in with your animal prints. Remember to be mindful and selective in your choices. Yes, you want to take your fashion look to the next level yet you also want it to showcase you in the best light.

Why do we appreciate the animal prints so much? It seems to be a combination of these three reasons; we admire them and fear them and also find them irresistible.
Animal prints evoke playfulness in us as well as danger, and that’s appealing especially to men.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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