Savvy Smart Stylish Women Criticize Themselves First!

When smart, savvy, stylish woman criticizes themselves, it is a strong indication of her wisdom and desire to know herself well. When people criticize her, she accepts that if it is not delivered in the best manner, it is an indication of them and not her. Often times a sign of an inferiority complex. Sometimes it is that they are turned off by her control over her style and image. It could be sheer envy, and they don’t know how to appreciate her and the positive changes she’s made to her appearance and her fashion image.

When you are able to be critical about your own fashion style, it means you care about your image. Many will see and appreciate your new look and some will not. If some people can not value your original model, then you will begin to distance yourself from them. Criticism of yourself is an excellent sign that you are developing into your best self. You are starting to aim for your inner self to shine at its brightest. How you begin to want the best version of you to be presented can only be wanting always to be ready for the right opportunity when it shows its self and comes your way.

Smart, savvy women never lose sight of the big picture and always treat themselves to being ready. Why because they know and remember that it’s the opportunity they’re after, not attention.

What that means for every woman is this you must question whether your fashion look fits your signature style and stamp. Does your style get the kind of attention that could be driving away opportunities? Ask yourself this and be truthful with yourself, getting criticism from the right people can be a significant benefit. Honesty is when you’re able to compare yourself to a diamond in the rough. When a woman like a diamond is uncut and unpolished when taken at first glance, yet, after a skillful process, it becomes a gem of worth and value shining for all to see.

Once you can understand and see the flaws in your style and seek assistance you are in the driver seat. The professional criticism you will take as a part of your self- development that you were not able to see before now. You must make it a habit of questioning your stance on your fashion style objectively. Remember it helps to get feedback on how others perceive you it will only improve and make you become a more stylish woman.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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