Run With The Past Undaunted Don’t Lose The Lessons!

Get ready to run with your past and use it to your benefit undaunted you will ultimately win the race of life. Run your race of life with perseverance and make the mark in life that you are here to make with love and compassion. Yes, the work years of hard work and persistent prayer is to throw off the pain and wounds that you’ve experienced in your life yet, you can do it with perseverance and persistent and an undaunted will to succeed in life. Why do you run the race of your life? You run it because you are not alone and many others need to hear your story.

What all of us are here to do will always be very much about our past, and how we can use it in a richly and helpfully manner. We can use past mistakes to yield a new perspective and in turn create a new outcome. If we allow them, our mistakes can fuel our awareness, in helping us to act and react freshly and fruitfully, they can bring us closer to happiness and further away from causing suffering. When we have an awareness and a growing wisdom and a more productive perspective, we are better able to deal, enjoy ourselves and suffer less.

It will become free to you to know that you are acting from a more original place today versus yesterday. Here are some ways that you can do just that and change your perspective.

Remember that everything transforms and connects with up and down, with light comes darkness, with down comes up, and with dark comes light. Trust in the flow of life and that of the universe.

Adopt a growth mindset. Accept the ideas of failure en route to your goals. In essence, plan for some setbacks and roadblocks, nod when they arrive, ( you knew they were coming ) and move on as quickly as possible.

Practice saying “I am sorry,” especially to those you would not usually tell it to it will in time begin to feel good and right. When you can do this, it will bring you closer to people, and it is a healthy way to be and ultimately very good in many ways because it will help you to see the different sides of things.

You have got to have a Vision. If you want to see a change in your life, you’ve got to get a vision that goes beyond what you’ve already seen and experienced. We all need to learn how to encourage ourselves in the world. Your circumstances cannot keep you down. First, you have to let go of what lies behind and allow your vision and what you are here to do rise. When you can do this what you are here to do will come to you, and you can begin to live in the now and build your vision.

When you begin with your vision and allow it to connect with your goals, all will come to you that you need because you are working in your purpose. You are well all is good. ( Have no doubt )

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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