What Are The Real Reasons Women Get Breast Implants?

What are the real reasons women get breast implants? It appears that it is an ongoing question and mainly among women. Why that is and what makes it so compelling to so many might always be an ongoing issue. It is the number one cosmetic surgery in the U.S. Even though it carries with it the burden of judgment and dismissal. So what’s driving these women? Are they young and insecure? Superficial? Desperate? The answer might surprise you it did me.

Breast augmentations by age we’ll speak to, and you’ll see that the largest age range would be the 30 to 39-year-old women. No, they are not porn stars, or young women looking to attract male admirers. What is the motivation for these 30 to 39-year-old women? Many of these women are in the middle of their childbearing years and lose breast volume after pregnancy and ar not happy with the way their breast hang after significant weight loss.

There is no way to get back breast volume, no exercise or muscle that will build them back up. Short of breast implants here lies the answer to many of the reasons that it is so popular especially in this age range. The name is given for this breast type of procedures to restore their original, and now lost, shape and size and added to this are often what’s is called a mommy makeover, breast implants combined with tummy tucks and liposuction.

You now know why for many and the majority of women but what about the young girls? It is hard to miss the media outrage over breast implant of our young girls, especially when they are given out as high school graduation gifts. The FDA does not recommend breast implants for girls under 18. Sometimes it is necessary for young girls to correct severe breast asymmetry, genetic chest deformities, or extreme under- development.

With all of this information, why do women want bigger breasts? Ask yourself what is absolute and what is normal? Women’s bodies come in all shape and sizes but, the breast doesn’t say the same. Is it all about getting male attention and approval? Many large breasted women are not thrilled with the unwanted attention paid to their breast size. But, the bottom line shows that men like breast, they just do, so if the breast is oversized they get attention, those are the facts.

What is it about women’s breast that makes their surgical alterations more shocking than all the Nose jobs, eye jobs and facelifts combined? It is a hard question to answer because women are not complaining and report higher self-esteem and self-confident after surgeries. You need to ask yourself why this is so. The question being does your healthy self-esteem and confidence revolve around your breast size?

It has to be a matter of personal preferences, but the reasons have to be clear and the mindset hopefully healthy. The end results should be for each person to discover fit and balanced with something special, within themselves. Attractiveness stems from a woman being provided, with poise, good posture, and a balanced outlook on life, yes and also with a fun personality.

YES, it is a process, and it does take time but look within first what’ s your opinion?

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.


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