Why Quality Is Never, An Accident And Everyone Appreciates It!


Why Quality Is Never, An Accident And Everyone Appreciates It!

What do you think is the one personal quality that people enjoy the most in a business person? It is “Integrity” and nothing beats that quality in the workplace and any other environment. Yes, many people appreciate gimmicky, flashy folks who get the job done with little regard for the human elements, and we have lots of financially successful people like that, but that does not make it a good way to gain success.

Integrity will always win out there are lots of other reasons, but the one that people connect with is Integrity because it builds culture and culture attract the best people, who then make the best products with the best distribution when they do it the right way. Let’s face it positive energy is contagious and nothing that we should take lightly.

We now understand that there is nothing more precious than the feeling that we matter, that we contribute unique value to the whole, and they too are recognized for it. Feeling appreciated lifts people up. At the most basic level, it makes us feel safe, and that frees us to do our best work. It is also energizing to us and makes us want to give our best.

One of the most well knows Oaths is the “Hippocratic Oath” prescribes to physicians, which reads “Above all else do no harm.” That perhaps more accurately should read do less harm because it is unrealistic to do none. The best way to practice appreciation is by starting with yourself. When you are committed to constant self-improvement you ask yourself what can I do better today and tomorrow, and the question will hold your value for the best in quality and appreciation.




Once you begin to make it a priority to notice what others are doing right, you will ask yourself what is it that each of them uniquely brings to the table. You can start by thinking about what positive qualities, behaviors and contributions you value and appreciate, what makes those conditions so dear and essential to your way of thinking and acknowledging.

When you are appreciative, the more accurate, you will be about what value means in your life and why, and the more you’ll notice what’s meaningful to that other person. When you can think and act in this way, the more positive your impact on others is likely to be. An excellent example of something like this would be a handwritten note which will make a bigger impression than an email or a passing comment but, better any one of them than nothing at all.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility and even though many put it on the back burner it belongs to all. The best of quality has in many ways a connection with beauty. You appreciate the beauty that you see in the things that appeal and relates to whatever beauty means to you in your lifestyle. Beauty and quality are prized and sought after even when many who do seek it are not aware that they do.

When you line up let’s say three different products at three different price points and ask people to select the one that appeals to their sense of beauty and quality, the winner is seldom a surprise, why? It is the quality professionals that carry a target of responsibility regarding quality, but quality is everyone’s responsibility.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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