Professional People Do Things Right, No Excuses!


Professional People Do Things Right, No Excuses!

The term professional is thrown around today like never before, and far too many people are labeling themselves professionals. The question for you would be what does professional mean to you and why? You might be a brilliant and creative person and someone who is highly skilled but if you are unprofessional your career will not run its course and will fall short of your goals.

If you have the belief that you are a professional, and you fall short on some of the traits and characteristics listed in this article, it is time to regroup and begin anew. The facts are that a lot of people want to be professionals but have not taken the time to learn the skills and put their hearts into becoming a professional person.

What matters the most is not putting your business first, but right out front no matter the nature of that business has to be, ” Customer Satisfaction First”. When you can understand and meet your customers needs the first step towards becoming a professional you meet. Now let’s take a look at some other crucial components to wearing this title.

Let Expertise Be Your Specialty –

The word professional implies that you are an expert. Become an expert in the skills and tools necessary to do your job.

Do More Than Expected & Do What You Say & Say What You Can Do –

When you are a professional you are not bound by a time clock, you meet and or exceed expectations whenever possible. My favorite is doing what you say and what you say you can do. “Professionals deliver on promises made period, no excuses ever.

Communicate Effectively –

It can be verbal or written, you communicate clearly, concisely, thoroughly, and accurately

Praise Peers & Follow Exceptional Guiding Principles –

You adhere to high values and principles & support those around you by practicing good manners and proper etiquette. Professionals are generous and charitable in their praise of others.

Share Your Knowledge & Say Thank You –

Information is not a limited resource, you support your peers, and you will be looked up to for doing so. When you thank others in a meaningful way that benefits them, both parties win.

A Smile The Right Beliefs & Attitude Wins –

You are not a robot, bad days and times happen but, your smile emanating from your heart will show that you care about how your attitude affects those that you interact with and that your concern is genuine. Professionals are pleasant even during trying times.

When you think back who do you remember that was a real professional with you and made you feel special? The person that made you feel that way and that you enjoyed being with will be who you want to model yourself after, to your success.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.