Proceed With Caution In Your Fashion Style!

Do we start with proceeding with caution in your fashion style why? Luxury and elegance in fashion have become an art form, especially in the workforce. Attached to that would be for many professional women a fashion faux pas not even realized. What not to wear to work, a lack of judgment often leads to being passed over for a job promotion. The experts agree that one of the biggest mistakes women make is showing too much cleavage. It is distracting and inappropriate in a business environment.

Dressing too sexy can also have psychological effects on your peers. Sad to say yet, regardless of the skillsets that many may have, these women are passed over for promotions more often than their more modestly dressed female colleagues. Look around and asset what is occurring and use that knowledge to your advantage. You want to get ahead in your business environment, so better to rethink that low-cut top. If you are confused about what is appropriate, you are not alone. A surprising number of executive women admit to not knowing what styles suit their bodies.

The fact is that many women wear clothes that are either too big or not appropriately tailored, a fashion no-no that you can easily avoid. Knowing your body shape makes buying clothes a bit easier. Even if your position doesn’t require you to see outside clients, you are still “making an impression on your boss and your potential future boss, hopefully. While women may have more options about what to wear in the workplace, they also have more room for missteps; don’t allow that to be your lesson to learn.

In general, there are wardrobe selections women should always avoid in the workplace. Also wearing clothing that reveals your bra or panty lines is inappropriate office attire, and dangerous from anywhere. Summer is a season that opens the door to a slew of potential fashion landmines for professional women, including spaghetti-strap tops and gladiator sandals. You are better off to avoid hot ticket items at any cost. If the dress code is so laid back that “everyone, including higher-ups, are wearing flip-flops. Even if that is the setting, you don’t have to follow proceed with caution.

So is being overly conservative the key to advancing? Not always yet, ut can’t hurt to err on the side of caution. When you can assert a little bit of individuality, and personal style, it can boost your confidence and ability. As elsewhere in your business, it pays to stay one step ahead of the expected. When you think from a business point of view, your style is imperative. It is about creating trust, and you must never underestimate how important first impressions are, period.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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