Pro Tips To Honest Fashion Style Advice!

Have you ever wondered how to give honest fashion advice? To provide the fashion advice in a way that’s not mean or brutal, you want to deliver it justly and lovingly. No one said it would be easy, and we all know why it is not easy. It is a natural knowing for me, yet I struggle to convey the message in a way that resonates and is embraced in love, which is how my intention is always to deliver it.

When you are direct and knowing and have an innate knowledge, creativity, and awareness that most don’t have; it makes it difficult to connect. What we have to stay away from are words like, frumpy, ugly, and out-dated. No one wants to hear those words, so we have to mindful of how we deliver opinions on another fashion style when it is not working in their best interest.

So, the best way to deliver fashion advice and deliver it being honest is to only give it when asking for it. Even when fashion advice is to ask for, you have to tread with love and caution. Would you want to be told you look tired in that color or washed out? No, never, not even if it is true. You would want to understand why that color or whatever it might be is not for you and why. You want to be honest and not mean there is never a reason to not be helpful when you’re delivering feedback. Remember, how you would want to receive the message if the table was turned.

If someone values your knowledge enough, and asks you, then focus on fit, the practicality of it, and if it’s a good investment. Always best to give positive feedback with facts rather than your personal preference. When you do still think of how you would want to receive the message. One of the best ways to offer advice is to provide alternatives and to be specific on why you feel it won’t work for them. A great example would be this, say it with heart and mean it ” that’s not flattering on you”; rather than that looks terrible on you, it does not help at all.

Without question, the best person to get advice from would be the person who will tell you the truth using the right words. Often times you know and simply just need the confirmation on it. What’s essential to your signature style is that you feel good in the outfit. Feeling great in the garment means again back to the fit, no tugging and pulling it will have to fit and feel as good as it looks when it does that’s the right outfit for you and your signature style.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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