Power Your Discovery From The Inside Out!

The power of the discovery of you from within will be one of your best discoveries. Nothing beats the reveal of your true beauty that emanates from the inside of you and when it surfaces you’re home and at one with yourself. When you discover the pure essences of who you are at heart nothing in the world will ever beat out that glorious feeling of seeing the truth of your being. Your image and what you present to the public should embrace that authentic person that is waiting to emerge.

What’s the famous saying that is used a lot, when it comes to appearances? Don’t judge a book by its cover and do you accept that as a part of your truth? Without a doubt there is truth in that saying but, until we get to know someone, there is not much else that we have to go on. Yes, once you have a chance to dialogue with someone and see their actions and deed you go with the first impression. You can’t get away from making a good impression if you have love, compassion and social grace you accept it as a part of the human design of life.

When you invest in you, it is only saying that you value you and respect your gifts. You are just extending a means of appearing at your best and open to putting your best foot forward. Making the right impression and being in the right Signature, and style that represents you means you care and value who you are and what you want in life. When this is a part of your mindset, it already speaks to the power that is within your appearance and knowledge.

Power comes from within, and when it is a part of your appearance, it speaks by just showing how you see yourself and others. Grooming is not to sneeze at the best tips can be a big part of your power look. Presenting the best signature, style, and stamp that tells others how you see and value yourself is powerful. The well-dressed and pull together professional will always win out over the one who has no distinct look and no social skills.

Executive presence and rapport come from the power that you represent and how you show up to share your talent, knowledge, and gifts. Your image includes much more than your appearance in dress only it encompasses your makeup, your hairstyle, and how you accessorize your total look. Add to that your ability to engage and get along with your co-workers, your social skills. Your power comes through when you acknowledge that you don’t have the skill and you’re confident enough to ask for help. No one is an expert or authority in everything, and for the smart ones the sure ones, the ability to ask for guidance is a testament to their strength.

Let me share a personal tip with you; I will never be as proficient with numbers as I need to be in my business. What has happened to me is the aligning of what my needs are with someone that is an expert and an authority on business and planning. It was not easy for me to admit that fact but once I did the floodgates open and a lot of my worry and stress I was able to as put on the back burner. If you want to look more polished and sophisticated in your image, it can happen. It does not need to be stressful and give you anxiety you can reach out and seek support. When you do, you’ll see and feel the power of you emerging, and that will give you the real discovery of you and your design in this life.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


Joy Ruffen, AKA The Goddess Of Wealth
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