Passionate Memorable Speakers Become Legends!

We all know of the few yet memorable speakers that seem to add magic to their speeches. What is the difference between the legends and those who are regarded as excellent and enjoyable to watch? Next, in line, we have the speaker that leans towards books to be written about their vocal style hoping they will inspire. We are going to look at some of the things that appear to make the difference between a great speaker and a legendary one.

First, we will list three legendary speakers that everyone recognizes and then make a case for why they hold that position. Yes, there are more yet here we are going to stick with these three, all different yet the same mass appeal.

Speeches are nothing without context. The word carries the timing of the expression and the results of its impact. If you want to succeed with meaning, you will need to choose messages that are well-timed and provides a “eureka” moment for listeners. No one did this better than the three listed here.

Abraham Lincoln

Martin Luther King

Steve Jobs

Delivery, yes it is essential, yet it alone will not make a presentation stand out, it does become a factor in the longevity of legendary speakers. A great speech you delivered with high and, what we call a tremendous and distinct flair. One of the best examples would be the mumbling growl of “Churchill,” the power of “Gandhi” and the casual language of Steve Jobs. However you see it a definite style, tone, and content all add up to what makes a legendary speaker.

Authority – You realize that a talented actor could imitate the Steve Jobs style, yet it would not have the power nor would it achieve the same kind of relevance, Why? All great speakers are authorities in their field. The speeches that all phenomenal speakers give you will see are built on a platform of experience, leadership, and innovation. Credibility is known and acknowledged people understand and believe in their message.

You want to accomplish the same type of loyalty, and that means that you work on your platform, ask yourself what makes you an authority in your field? Why the driving force to connect and share it with others? Your speech has to have passion, and you can only be you your excitement has to be seen and contagious for others to see and feel. Learn to speak in your natural voice and just so much practice. Memorization will never come off as authentic; public speaking can be terrifying yet when you come with passion and excitement your audience will see and feel it as well.

When you find the path for your message and establish yourself, you will take the stage. You will become a passionate, memorable and legendary speaker, and yes, you can do it.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.










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