Why The Same Old Question About Funny Which Is Funnier Men Or Women?

Why this question is still on the tongues of so many is a big wonder for many of us men and women today, and hopefully, you are in the group of why is it still being asked? Could it be because humor is typ[ically sexual, sometimes crass and inappropriate, offensive, racist, and or mean, and women are supposed to “play nice” with others? Growing up little girls are encouraged to play nice with others. Smile at and complement your friends, because not treating them so is mean.

When those little girls grow up, all of the things that make people funny have been socialized out of them. The good news is that this way of being is changing, There is less pressure to make girls meek and timid, and more leeway for girls and women to be funny, in the ways that boys and men have been for a long time, and we are beginning to see now in female comedians.

We are going to start with this “Women are Funny”. There is no biology or gender assignment to humor. The element of surprise is always a component of fun. When you can call out an absurdity and hypocrisy, that’s humor, and it is a sexless act. The act of reversal, intuition, shock, imitation, confidence, skill, physicality; all of which are good humor when introduced right, and all are sexless.


What you are about to read is without a doubt a truth that will stick with you for many reasons, and you will sense and feel the reality of this simple truth. Humor is a display of POWER. Having it, losing it, transferring it, wanting it, inventing it, belittling it, submitting to it, and subtly denying it. It is about status, the shifting of it, the defending of it, the-the undermining of it. The truth being that power and status are more readily given to men than to women, and that’s the truth.

The jesters of yore exerted the great power of their kings and queens, which gave them a particular status. Laughing at someone’s joke gives them power and increases their situation, and it takes confidence to exert this authority. Authority and Confidence when it comes to humor for girls is not seen or rewarded. Society does not encourage girls in this arena, and there is lot’s of work still that we have to do. The status for men as leaders seems to be a given but not for women. Women want to date a guy with a sense of humor because it means that they are with a guy that deserves to receive her attention and her laughter.

Women are less likely to crack jokes because their jokes are harder to reward because westerners are socialized to think this way. We just assume that women are dangerous and sexy, and men are funny and smart. Women laugh at jokes; men crack them. In the TV history, this is why you see more examples of goofy dads because dads can be funny, and moms must be grave and strict. To be programmed like robots on TV is funny but it is not real, and we are, so let’s be realistic.

Funny things are genderless, as are annoying things. You are allowed your taste and your taste comes from your background, your history, your opinions, not your biology. If you think of women as mainly baby-makers, then you’re probably not going to appreciate their snarky sense of humor. Humor depends on a lot of things politics, cultural standards and so much more and it is all gender free. So, the next time you or someone else poses this question which is funnier men or women rethink your answer before you give it. “Think”!


Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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