Why You Need To Love Your Body Needless To Size!

Why you need To love your body needless to size. How about a few consideration about health and body size. Some surprising truths about weight:

Myth – Fat kills. — Reality – On average, overweight people live longer than normal weight people. Myth — Lose Weight, live longer. — Reality – No study has ever shown that weight loss prolongs life. Myth – Anyone can lose weight if he or she tries. Reality – Biology dictates that most people regain the weight they lose, even if they continue their diet and exercise programs.

It is not about condoning or supporting fat-shaming. We should all be loving and supportive of one another regardless of body size or type, as well as all the other identities one possesses. Why this outlook because one of the greatest sources of health comes from loving oneself. The biggest lesson to learn for us all is this age-old measure twice cut once. In other words, before you do something, or believe something, you might want to give it a second thought and or investigate it further for yourself.

What you want to do is to work to promote self-love, positive body image, and personal good-being. How you will do this can be a difficult road to travel and being involved with personal development can allow you to make all of the above possible. Being one of those that are caring when around an unhealthy and unfortunate amount of shame severe self-loathing towards one’s bodies will never lead to the ability to love one’s body regardless of size.

Let’s look at some steps to take to get to a positive body image, the keys to a healthy Body Image:

Recognize how media images are not representative of most women, the average woman is a size 12 to 14.

Place importance on self-care methods, make time to pamper yourself.

Remind yourself of your positive qualities regularly ( make a list, positive self-talk )

Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are.

Celebrate your body for what it can do, not for its appearance.

Develop your self-confidence. Get into personal development find a coach.

Recognize your inner strength and potential. Seek guides for support.

Willpower and motivation will fail you over and over again. “Habit” trumps willpower and when you master your habits, you’ll master your life.

Why do you need to love your body regardless of size? Once you master your habits, you will master your life. The only thing standing between you and the life you want are the good habits you want but don’t have and the bad habits you have but don’t want. You want to become healthy in mind body and spirit, and you can do that by learning how to nurture your body, mind, and spirit so that you can feel healthier and happier starting now today.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.


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