Musical Taste Differences Between Men And Women!

It is fascinating the differences between men and women in their musical taste. You remembered the favorite book several years ago “ Men Are From Mars” and “Women Are From Venus”? It appears that there is a vast difference between what both sexes like and that is no surprise. If we speak about today’s music one, Male Artist seems to be favored by both male and females quite high up on the scale of musical taste. It is not difficult to see why that artist would be “Bruno Mars.”

The study and research done about the difference between why men and women listen to music are fascinating. The research was quite surprising. Analyzing the listening behavior of over 200,000 anonymous music fans across a variety of both male and female listeners. A music lover did the study and had access to different platforms which allowed him to draw this fascinating observation about the music and how both sexes listen to and appreciate and value it. It appears there is not a lot of overlap between the music men and women look to the most.

It might be better to ask if there are biological gender-related differences in music preferences between men and women? The choices for specific musical instruments seem to have particular preferences towards certain devices. Studies show that girls prefer the piano, violin, and the flute while boys teal towards the guitar, drums and the trumpet. No surprise, of course, there are many ways to see beyond this mindset, but overall it still holds true.

Studies have proven that girls have a more positive and active approach to music at all ages. The same study shows that men are more intellectual in their approach to music. What we can see is that we have lots of room for discussion on this subject. The school of thought today even is that “Music always comes from men.” The statement gives you tons of room to think about this accepted fact, and it is not gendered misguided. The question then becomes men more passionate about music than women are?

Passion being a word that is more aligned with women so why would men be more passionate about music? Men are not more passionate, and yet they do write more songs, and the lyrics are sincere and loving, could that be because it is easier to write them then to express them? In the real world does it matter where you get your soul-filling sounds from, no it does not. What matters is that you get the message and that you love them. How about more facts, men are more likely to learn/pick up an instrument. Men are more the collectors and anything to do with taking music more seriously you will find men. Music for men can become more of a hobby and is usually taken up more by men.

Your taste in music is yours so sing the songs you love and don’t apologize for your taste in music. Enjoy value and appreciate your differences be passionate and embrace your taste in music forget gender and merely enjoy the music.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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