Why Music And Words Together Are So Powerful!

Why, is it that music and words are so powerful together? Music perhaps more than any other medium has the unique ability to express and mirror the full range of human emotions, consciousness, and experience. Its appeal, on one hand, is universal, transcending race religion, culture, and era, while on the other hand, nothing captures the particular essence of a distinct culture, religion, era, or individual better than music.

Music allows the soul to soar to heavenly heights, giving wings to man’s most glorious pain, sadness, and existential loneliness. Who has not experienced, themselves singing full volume in the shower or along with every word of a song on the car radio or at home while alone? Who has not been depressed or lonely, joyous or happy to be alive and found in a tape or CD the very songs to express these moods?

Have you sat around with friends and experienced through song and melodic harmony a unity of soul and purpose as voices and instruments joined? Haven’t you felt the raw power and mystic connection at a concert, where the people are attending are all locked into the same beat and the same vibrational field? Music without words plays on the chords of the heart and the fantasy of the mind. Music with words expresses the deepest longings, challenges, and the hopes of a human being.



Moving the soul to joyous laughter or deeply felt tears are what music does, and the body is caught up as well in its driving beat. A universal language that unites the physical and spiritual, body and soul, universal and particularly while simultaneously transcending time and temporal space altogether. One of the best and a powerful way that music has contributed to “Meditation” throughout the ages and still today has unlimited power. Many of the elements of prayer and music are connected and because of that, the three unite in perfect harmony.

Music can take us soaring to unimaginable heights of inner peace and ecstasy while, alternatively, music can be used as a catalyst to focus one’s mind on particular intentions, emotions, or concepts, allowing new insights and revelation to manifest themselves. Ultimately, music is a potent vehicle to feeling at one and peace with God. The mere act of connecting and unifying with the Divine source has always been at the core of music, as a means of achieving a lofty state of consciousness.

The power that music has in our memory is incredible. Have you not always loved it when a song comes on that brings back memories of a particular time, place, or feeling? When you associate music with a significant milestone in your life, it becomes even more powerful. You can not deny the power of music. “Napoleon” understood the power of music, and he summed it up by saying ” Give me control over he who shapes the music of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws.”

That said, now you understand the power of words and music!

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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