What Are Some Major Abilities Of Women?

What are some major abilities that women have, a crazy title and yet there is the movie out now that’s quite popular it is “Wonder Woman.” The skills that women have are amazing, and you can be sure that you probably have quite a few as well. Let us look at a few that you can cultivate or you’ll recognize in yourself.  The list is endless and hopefully not surprising and what you lack you can now begin to develop you have it merely waiting to emerge.



Empathy is a typical trait that is downplayed far to often, and if anything it should be looked upon as an asset. It is saying that you can listen and understand where others are coming from you get their feelings and desires. If this scares you, then you must learn to be understanding and intuitive, without allowing yourself to be derailed by sentimentality.



Assertive not Aggressive you can learn how to trade in your pussycat demeanor just try not to overcompensate and be too ferocious.



Passion has to be in the picture nothing. will ever be accomplished without passion. Loving what you do has to be in your “WHY.” Having passion will bring the energy that you’ll need to persevere.


Embrace your flaws and look for people who complement your strengths. Believe in yourself and be ready to think on your feet, you will have the confidence to get things done because of your faith.



Take the risk and as you rise be mindful of those around you and use your power to empower others. Power is given to benefit others not you and as long as you remember that you will use is well.



Concentrate your mental and emotional energies on the task at hand. Learn how to find ways to make your life as restful, and de-stressed and relaxed as possible. Change is good, but you have to learn how to adjust to it without stressing out.



The most successful people have learned how to rest as hard as they play and they take good physical care of themselves. Learning how to moderate their time between work and play. Expressing genuine gratitude and appreciation to those who are with them now and on the ladder up becomes a given. Kindness and respect become a natural means of displaying and, those around them feel it.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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