Live Your Life In Forgiveness!

Life has to be lived in forgiveness because forgiveness is the essence of freedom. When you live your life in this way, it will free you from your past and give you entree into your future. If you are interested in making changes in your life you have to understand first how to forgive yourself for whatever it is that you lack and be about changing your life to encompasses what you need to feel fulfilled. The process of forgiveness begins and ends with you and how you perceive it.

Forgiveness begins with you and has very little to do with the other person in your life. Once you decide that it is more important to be happy than to be right, it begins in the best of ways for your journey to happiness. It will always be more important to be happy than to be correct. When you choose to forgive you, then decide to let yourself be free. Forgiveness begins with feeling the hurt, the pain, and the anger about what happened to you and amid all of that you choose to forgive. It is a decision to let it all go; it no longer serves you the power is yours now.

Powerful relationship materials are transformational, and it works, once you begin, you will see and feel your whole world changing for the better so let’s start.

Be willing to forgive; it means that you are open to the possibility and that you are open. You have to bring your resentments to the surface and ask yourself why I am angry? Pinpoint the feelings and get clear. Here a fact to consider we all have a real self, which is inherent goodness (SOUL), and a wounded self, which operates from fear (EGO). It will always be your wounded self, not your true self, that hurts other people. Anyone who hurts others is also beating themselves up except they don’t know it. Remember that simple fact and you are halfway through the truth camp.

Personal responsibility will always be the choices that you make, gets honest as you can about it whatever it might be. Surrender and make the shift you will find that it will be such a relief and you’ll feel better through the process. You will only be able to take these steps when you decide that you have to change your life. Experience the peace that forgiveness brings and start your journey to wholeness.

What you’ll find when you open yourself up to being able to forgive others is that in reality, you are opening up your portal of freedom. When you want is to get to your highest potential and discover your passion for forgiveness. You will find the find that you are breaking from limiting beliefs and attitudes that hold you, hostage, it will free you to live a life filled with love and abundance. Forgiveness is the power to choose how event affect you whereby you release your energy whereby you are free and in control of your destiny.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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