Leading Ladies Are Always Women Of Influence!

Leading ladies are always women of influence because they are ladies first. Ladies not in the old ways and the days of the Edwardian ladies, no we are speaking to the new modern lady of today. When you are a lady of influence, it means that you are influencing someone. Someone’s watching you, listening to you, and following you and you have to be mindful of that fact. We all have the power to influence for good, bad or indifferent.

Whether you serve as a boss, teacher, mother, or any position of authority you must serve with love. The people that you serve can tell if you’re leading them out of your self-interest or for their personal joy. What you have to remember is that you matter and that you are a person of influence. You’re impacting people around you every day so be on your journey to the best that you can be and give your gifts.

Power and influence have its body language, and your job is to discover what your influence is and how to use it. The factors that are influencing how people see you are surprising. Words account for only 7% of how people judge you, the body language of authority and approachability has a big part in how you influence others. Finding your personal style and signature of influence will be of significant value as you continue on your journey to purpose.

What’s important to know is that you can learn how to be a positive impact on others and in the process of doing just that you become a leading lady. The meaning of influence ranges from the dominant and authoritative, to the more important and significant. What you want is to be influential out of recognized importance, significance, and contribution to the greater good. To be recognized as important – to have others see your talents and reward you for your productive and contributing service to others because you care.

Be a leading lady of influence by first helping yourself learn what your natural talents and gifts are and support other women. Consider your circle of influence, how do you draw your circle and where does it extend? You can Influence others, and you will earn power by being of service, and sacrifice and sincerity have to be a big part of that mindset. Leading ladies don’t command from a high perch they get involved and are a part of the team.

You can add your influence and the grace, elegance, and heart that is within you and you will be a leading lady of the up most influence.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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