Why Leading With Your Head And Your Heart Breeds Wisdom!

When you look at wisdom from this perspective, you are looking at it from the brain as a mass of neurons that communicate with other parts of the body. We all realize the physical brain in our head but, what about the other two brains? The one in our heart and the one in our gut as well. The emotions that we speak to hear have a great influence on what we refer to as gut feeling, sometimes called intuition or hunches. In a sense, there is a type of wisdom associated with our emotions.

Paying attention to a hunch and testing it builds experience and confidence in using the means of how you communicate. When you can do this, it can be a critical skill for emerging leaders to develop and master. Once you do this, you will also fine tune the precision of understanding what your hunch means. The next brain is your heart. Research indicates that the heart is more than just a simple pump, it influences perceptions, cognition, and emotions.

When we start to talk about the heart, we are referring to love and, like wisdom, love has been studied extensively by psychologists, philosophers, educators, neuroscientist and clergy. In today’s world in organizational environments that are now networked, interconnected, rapidly transforming and continually in motion leaders, especially emerging leaders, are being called forward to a more general form of leadership. It seems we are moving from knowledge based leadership towards wisdom based leadership.


It would appear based on the information stated that wisdom is an integration of head, heart and hunch tempered through the experience of the individual. Wisdom is not so much of skill that one develops; rather it is a state of being that emerges from within the leader from the experience of integrating head, heart and hunch. It is through the crucible of experience and testing their senses, making less than optimal decisions and fine-tuning their perceptions that true wisdom begins to emerge.

What is the key here to remember? It is that your emotions cause you to act, that they are the paths that lead you to right or wrong karma. When you can see your emotions as paths, you then have the ability to change and transform them into a way that you trust. You begin to learn to master and reconstruct which will lead you to the mastery that comes with a healthy and blissful state of concentration. Which will simply show that if you get your head and your heart to respect each other, they can take each other far?

The message here is simple your heart needs the help of your head to generate and act on more skillful emotions. Your head needs your heart to remind you that what’s imperative in life is putting and end to suffering. When they learn how to work together, they can make your human mind into an unlimited one far beyond the norm. Together they can master the cause of happiness to the point where they transcend themselves.

When the head and heart are blending it will create a dimension within you that the head can’t encompass, and it will bring a cloud of happiness so true that the heart has no further need for desire; can you image it? It can happen and has, and yes it will take much focus so let us begin.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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