Ladies Demand Respect For Yourself First!

Ladies your priority is to demand and give yourself the respect that you desire first. Today modern feminism seems to be that the female needs are the same as men. When you see it in that light, it says that the acceptance and expectation of casual sex for women are acceptable. Young ladies who can’t see themselves in the light and power that is theirs needs to take a step back and reexamine what feminism today is all about as it relates to them standing in their power.

Women who genuinely want to be seen and recognized as ladies need to take a good look at their femininity and embrace their sexuality. You don’t have to give yourself away to the first bidder. Passion is welcome when you embrace the feminity of who you are at your base level. You will not need to give yourself away, no you are in charge of and respect who you are and command the respect that you give out. You will begin to teach others to provide you with the respect that you demand because you are worthy of your actions and deeds. It is possible to offer and receive love only when you have learned to require it because you give it in love.

The idea that far too many men today don’t respect women means that we all need to have an entirely new way to see why this is so. Real men want to find a woman that they can respect, and that is not bull it is for real. A man will not grant a woman the respect that’s deserved until he meets a Lady that commands respect and that’s the fact.

The responsibility to bring your best inner lady to the forefront begins with how you treat yourself. Grown men, not little boys want to connect to your aura. Ladies who demand respect will get it, and men can see who the ladies are that regard themselves first. Men know when they are in the company of a real lady. Men are regularly exposed to women who don’t know the first thing about self-respect. A woman who has no regard for herself will be treated as such because her actions dictate such behavior. Let that not be you bring out your inner lady and shine.

A lady knows what she deserves and does not use sex as a tool. Putting you first and speaking up when needed, you let nothing slide by that does not give you the respect that you give and seek. Take a good look at the list of qualities, attributes, and traits that all ladies demand and do it with love and respect for self and others.

You — Don’t want to waste your time, you give your all in your work, and you expect the same from others that you interact with on all different levels.

YOU — Know what you deserve and don’t care how others see you especially if they see you as too picky and too high of standards.

YOU — You have strict morals, and they fit you because you love them and they fit your lifestyle. You never lie to yourself nor others.

Saying no is not hard for you and you will not tolerate ignorance and refuse to lower your standards.

Once upon a time, women were proud to be called a Lady, not sure what happened. The power that a lady holds still to this day is enormous. Do read and share this blog and get back to me with your comments. Women are full of unlimited power. When you don’t accept that power within, you lose much because of not recognizing that fact, don’t let the lost be because of you and your outlook on what a lady means to you in today’s world. Stand in your power and greatness all ladies do, let it be you tall and proud to be a lady of today.


Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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