Ladies Are No Longer In Style Or Is She?

Why act like a lady today? Is being a lady today out of style? What does it mean to act like a lady? Today, as it has always been to act like a lady, is decided by society, and society’s views about femininity have changed considerably. Yet, there are a few ladylike characteristics that will always be important because they are widely admired qualities that all good people share, such as kindness and integrity, grace and style, and respecting you and others.

To be a lady today still means being a decent and courteous person who treats yourself and others well. Loving and taking care of yourself practicing healthy habits and good hygiene. How to be a lady may have changed as manners, attitudes, and styles of dress change over time, so has the conventional understanding of what it means to be a “lady”. Though the term may seem outdated, there are certain aspects of ladylike behavior that are undying.

Behaving like a lady still entails elegance, and grace with a sense of respect towards oneself and others being courteous and well mannered and polite.

Hey “LADIES”, my call out to all women who like being called a lady, it does appear to be the unlikely revival of an old-fashioned and out of date word. Today with its slippery meaning associations range from grandma’s lavender-scented powder to the raunchiest of rap lyrics – it encapsulates the fundamental mutability of modern feminism. The loaded word lady once implied a proper woman who is not to be disrespected, crosses her legs at the ankle, and never talks out of turn.

A new, and terrific self-published advice book called “Dare to be a Lady” explores what it means to be a lady in a world where high moral standards are not often upheld and women often behave like men. Dare to be a Lady is a must read if you still adhere to being a lady and maintaining your femininity. The use of the word woman has taken over for the word lady, why?

When you think about here is a great example of the thinking today, someone says especially younger girls something like this “ a highly desirable woman will etc. as oppose to “ a highly desirable lady will etc. The younger generation prefers the word woman or women to a lady and in so many ways that will speak to our times and it is not all good. Here is a great way to view the use of the word lady no matter which generation you’re a part of; someone had this to say and it still is held in high regard because of its depth of wisdom.


Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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