Key Findings Of Aging And Having A Good Healthy Attitude!

You will not find this difficult to take in because it rings true no matter what age you are right now. When you adopt a positive attitude about aging it could be your “Fountain of Youth”. Researcher says that a positive self-perception about getting older may slow down the aging process. “Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” The well know and famous “Betty Friedman” said that, and it still holds water to this day.

A new study by researchers identified the fact that having a positive self-perception about the benefits of getting older can create a self-fulfilling prophecy by helping someone stay mentally, physically, and psychologically younger. Researchers in Ireland report that having a positive attitude about aging may help prevent older adults from becoming frail, which in turn appears to keep their minds sharp. If one has negative attitudes about aging it can affect both physical and cognitive health in later years.

Attitude is everything in all matters and how one views the aging process is vital to their outlook and mindset. When you take into consideration how essential having good health is and to all issues relating to your body which is your temple your vision and care of you body takes on an entirely different outlook and one that will be the best for you and your lifestyle.




Here are a few key findings from a study on aging:

Older adults with negative attitudes towards aging had slower walking speed and worse cognitive abilities two years later, compared to older adults with more positive attitudes towards aging.

What’s amazing is that this was true even after participants medications, mood, their life circumstances and other health changes. It was the same two-year period that was studied, and that is why the results were amazing.

Furthermore, negative attitudes towards aging seemed to affect how different health conditions interacted. Frail older adults are at risk of multiple health problems including worse cognition. Frail participants with negative attitudes towards aging had worse cognition compared to participants who were not frail.

The way we think about, talk about, and write about aging may have direct effects on health. When you carry as you age a negative outlook towards the aging process, it will have a detrimental, measurable effect on mental, physical and cognitive health. Regardless of the media influences, or societal pressures that can make us feel depressed about getting old, your self-perceptions about aging are in your control.

What you can do with the aging process is completely up to you and how you decide to frame it. If you choose to use this way of thinking and see the aging process this way you will win, if you say this to yourself each day this and believe it.

“I  Believe  If  I  Refuse  To  Grow  Old,  I can  Stay  Young  Until  my  Death”!

The choice is yours.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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