It's staying true to your personal style. But what if you don't know what your style is? Join the community of women who are dedicated to creating a personal style they love.

Gold Member Masterclass

The Gold Member Masterclass offers 5 weeks of live style planning with Joy and an in-depth guided mentorship experience.

Meet Joy Ruffen

Creator of the Masterclass and proof that it's possible to reinvent yourself, even in the tricky, constantly changing realm of fashion.

Masterclass is a program I’ve produced that boils down the knowledge I’ve learnt and shows you exactly how I approach and develop my signature style so that you can too. I always enjoyed tailoring clothing for fun at the age of 13, which evolved into enrolling as a student in the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Since then I’ve dominated the Fashion Merchandising world, worked at Best and Company, in NYC, Vogue, and Butterick. I've enjoyed traveling the world to teach fashion and style and continue to enjoy my pivot into my second act career of being a Styling Consultant. Today, I'm focused on sharing all my secrets to other women entering or already in their second act, through my Masterclass. It's a phenomenal way to teach you the techniques and everything in-between to build a rewarding, stylish second act.

Embrace Your Signature Style with

A Masterclass in Style

Dress in Your Stand-Out Signature Style. Discover how to Show Up as the best version of you in the Zoom square or in Person no matter the size of your wallet, your weight, or your height!

Learn to Shop Online

It is time to look your best. Learn how to shop online for the best deals. To dress for success. I have learned from the corner office, the presentation stage, runway show productions, New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Join with me as I share with you some top tips and tools that will elevate your image to attract the clients and opportunities that you desire. It is all about "Inspiring Passion, Potential, and Purpose".

My new weekly show showcasing local Floridian Businesses and all that they have to offer. In partnership with The Better Business Bureau of South Florida and The Caribbean and The Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center (FLVEC)

67% of people who watch a video will go on to purchase; however,

the show is not a pitch fest.

It’s all about framing the problem, the solution, and the target audience that your product or service best serves—and I’ll work with you to polish the process. My 30-minute BIZtoBIZ with Joy will air every Tuesday LIVE on Facebook at 7:00 PM EST and available for viewing on my LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube platforms.

Why Join the Masterclass

The Gold Masterclass consists of five online booklets full of tips focused on finding and living out your personal style that will help you take control of your second act. With the help of myself leading you, and other ladies in the Masterclass, we'll all go through the booklets together as a group and upon finishing your styling booklets, you're invited to take the stage to be a guest speaker on our broadcast to share your style, flare, and ideas.

Knowing your body shape is the first key to choosing the right clothing for you! Without this knowledge you won't know which styles make you look your best, how to choose and places accessories, and you'll spend a mountain of time, energy, and money collecting all the wrong clothes. Learn to love what you wear because it suits your body shape best and feel empowered!

There are five basic style types, which one defines you? If you haven't already asked yourself this question yet, this is where we begin and further your exploration into your style. The more you narrow your focus to what you like, the more fluid your style can be. Walk through, with me, as we evaluate what fashion styles you should work with and how to slowly integrate your style into your waredrobe.

It's time to get to choosing the colors that flatter you the most! Once we decide on the colors that make you pop, this is when you begin to purchase the clothes in your style and color that suit you best and help you guide a capsule wardrobe of go-to outfits. Not only will you identify the most flattering colors for you to wear, you'll also highlight the colors that you shouldn't wear to avoid wasted time and money!

There's a world of shapewear out there and knowing the different designs and fabrics there are will help you feel more confident in the clothes that you love. We help you narrow down the right way to wear these flattering garments, how to choose the correct material that will give you that smoothing your appearance, and the different styles plus which you should choose to match your style.

Finish developing your personal style by using accessories to express your unique fashion preferences. Learn how accessories can greatly promote your style by focusing on the details, flavours, and spice that distinguish your look from all else! Take a look through the different accessories and how to place them throughout your clothing to totally transform your daily look to extrodinary!

Need More Personalized Styling?

Platinum Member Masterclass

Our most exclusive offer, the Platinum Member Masterclass is everything needed to reinvent your wardrobe. Gain all the secrets needed to put together your Signature Style through multiple 1-on-1 sessions with me and have access to customized fashion guidance that is speaks to your style, body, and unique personality.

The Platinum Member Masterclass

is only available 3 times a year. To access, you'll need to attend one of my Masterclass webinars and we'll identify if the Platinum is the best for you!

Spots are limited, sign up today.

Next Masterclass webinar: November 2, 2023

Not Ready for the Gold or Platinum?

Take the self-paced Silver Membership Masterclass.

Silver Member Masterclass

The Silver Member Masterclass offers you a self-guided experience with three unique video lessons aimed at helping you attract, discover, and try out your new signature style.

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Having your style questions answered by myself and the community in our Signature Style & Stamp group! Have access to women also in their second act too that will support you on your journey and help you attain your personal style.

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Leading Ladies Leaving Legacies provides a community of like-minded women who are supportive, encouraging & keen to connect. Use our group-hosted themed days and monthly networking events to build confidence towards you second act.