Intelligence And Beauty Are They Related?

The question being is intelligence and beauty related? It appears far too many people always assume that beauty and intelligence are linked. Is it that people are making the association of appearance and information? People often believe if you care about what you look like it is the only thing you care about or give time and effort to, do you believe that? If a guy or girl looks good on the surface, many say there is nothing beneath that appearance. Appearance and intelligence are not necessarily related, yet many people often assume that they are.

You won’t know what’s beyond a person’s outer appearance until you get to know them. What you must keep in mind is that your outward appearance is just that, an appearance. It is just the cover of the book, and remember what they say, ” Don’t judge a book by its cover.” So don’t judge a person based on their looks. Until you have a conversation with a person you don’t and will not know what’s below their surface.

Reality television is not a real representation, and yet the media may be shaping our attitude to make such assumptions. The rising popularity of reality television may have a lot to do with why people associate appearance and intelligence, or lack there of, it seems to be a big contender in that regard. Entertainment presents us with an image of superficial celebrities who seem to spend a lot of time on their appearance. We have to refrain from using celebrities as examples because no matter how fantastic they are it is not reality. Intelligence and beauty as we view it in the real world are not what we see in our media circles.

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Beauty can go skin deep, but a good heart or a good brain does not always reach the surface. Intelligence is beautiful. Everyone has different opinions of what beauty is, that said it is easy to see how often they may not seem to be related. It can seem that for someone to be “beautiful” and smart can be a bit of a cliche. When you ask people not to judge based on appearance, it is like asking someone to stand up and shout look at me. In other words, you have to look beyond appearance yet there is no getting around first impressions, and good grooming comes home to play in this scenario.


Sociologists and social psychologists have long known that there is a widespread perception shared by many people that physically attractive people are more intelligent and competent, as well as hold many other desirable characteristics. A large number of experiments over the years have shown that, when asked to rate the intelligence or competence of unknown others, people tend to rate attractive others as more intelligent and competent than unattractive others.

This sentiment is captured in an old aphorism “What is beautiful is good.” But why is this? Why do people believe that physically attractive people are more intelligent and competent? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, beauty is only skin deep, this is a widely held perception and maybe a bias “stereotype.” But, remember virtually all stereotypes are empirically true, and if they were not true they would not be stereotypes in the first place.

People believe beautiful people are more intelligent because they in fact are! Now the question becomes “Why are beautiful people more intelligent? You can see how the question never ends, enjoy your discussions.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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