How Inner Beauty And Outer Beauty Are Not Clear For Many Women!

How Inner Beauty And Outer Beauty Are Not Clear For Many Women!

What is inner beauty suppose to mean? Inner beauty is a big misnomer, and most people don’t get the differences between the two inner and outer beauty. In that inner beauty is on the inside does that mean that we never see it, and we can only imagine it? So inner beauty is not just about inner beauty when you give it thought you realize that inner beauty is the only beauty that there is and, that is not to say that outer appearances don’t matter.

When we speak about inner beauty by definition, we are describing something that you experienced through a person’s character rather than by appearances. It is the real beauty of a person that goes far beyond just physical appearances. Many see inner beauty as a joke and say that what is considered ugly allows that person to feel better about themselves.

When do you assume that inner beauty is something you can only feel and never see? But how true is that? There is such confusion between outer beauty and inner beauty and in that outlook, we overlooked the genuine effort of inner beauty and gave all the credit to outer beauty. You might assume that you never notice inner beauty at first sight, but is that true? What you do is see a person’s physical appearance only for a moment, until the real inner beauty starts the attraction game.




You may speak to someone for a minute and find them pleasant or not so pleasant at first. But as the conversation goes on for a minute or two, you may start to pick qualities and traits, and without even realizing it, you may start to find a person more and more beautiful or charming. Your true that physical appearances can be a bonus, but it is something that others can easily overlook when your other traits are out before them, and it gives them a chance to see you in another picture.

The glow of confidence and sex appeal comes from within yourself. When you can see a glowing confidence and self-belief, it makes that person attractive to the opposite sex. First impressions don’t always depend on your physique or your facial features, but you need to believe that from within yourself. The actual beauty within you lies in having that mindset. The question for you would do you feel beautiful on the inside?

Inner beauty will help you to appreciate outer beauty. If you love, enjoy and feel good about yourself, you will feel more confident about facing and interacting with other beautiful people. What you must remember is that outer beauty can give you a glance, but it is the inner beauty that will make someone stay. Do you remember the old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

Well, that’s not my belief, because for many beauty is within ourselves. What others see when they look at us is a projection of what we want them to see. If you feel beautiful, your self-belief and confidence bring out a glow of beauty that no outer beauty can compete with ever. You are beautiful if you believe you’re beautiful. Everyone only sees you as a projection of what you see when you look into the mirror. Look and see your beauty it is inside, and it wants you to see it.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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