Individuality When You Are You Is Easy!

Individuality, when you are you, is comfortable. There is a classic anxiety today about technology that it can lead to a lack of personality and spiritual emptiness. Why do you think that might be? Technology has taken over much of our ability especially in the social arena; it has freed us from basic things that we no longer feel the need to develop, one is the abilities to create ourselves in a spiritually fulfilling way.

With the world becoming smoother and smoother, we no longer face the necessity of having to struggle for creative expression; it is simply there for us, or is it? The creative expression now exists for us in a tamed, ready-to-use state. We click the boxes on Facebook profiles to establish who we are and who we are friends with (Is this an act of self-creation? Are Facebook friends our friends?).

So, all is well, and it is a great decision when you decide to embrace individualism because it has fueled everything that is a part of creativity and inventions that are a part of all enterprise. The number one way today to view individuality is that it has been an enormous success in encouraging ordinary people to realize their potential and their inner depths. The greatest gift on earth is to know how to belong to oneself.

What we are talking about is the spirituality of originality and authenticity of being who you are your unique individuality. To simply be yourself is the greatest accomplishment. All leaders – big or small, recognized or not – people who have found the inner strength to simply be who they naturally are and stand up for what matters to them? Is the biggest transformation of all that which occurs when we give up ‘looking good and avoiding looking bad’ and simply be who we are moved, – touched, and inspired to be? Here’s what Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Individuality” has its value because it’s character that allows life to have a diversity of experience and also allows for co-operative balance. If we were all born to be singers, there would be no-one to record our singing. So simple and yet a fact of life. Understanding your individuality may be one of the biggest challenges for you if you’ve been living a life based on trying to meet the outside expectations/standards or if you are holding on to some delusional thinking where you don’t see your limitations in the light of reality.

The bottom-line is that instead of labeling an experience of weakness as “negative,” allow yourself to be open to living that experience entirely in yourself; if you feel inferior let the feeling of inferiority fully instead of trying to suppress that sense. Something in you will balance out, and evolve, in this state of openness. Your current lifetime, your current body, and individuality that you experience through it enable individual primary experiences. The experiences for you could be light or dark depending on your outlook and, from a relative viewpoint. Your individuality will have its value from the perspective of your soul growth, and how you perceive it from a common standpoint. Your choice, choose wisely.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.

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