Individuality Versus Wholeness, Or Do They Belong Together?

Individuality versus wholeness, or do they belong together? If you are a seeker most likely, you have pondered this idea. The idea of wholeness vs. individuality is a balancing act. We all seek to feel a sense of love and belonging and to form social bonds. We’re looking for individuality and uniqueness through our egos. It is a longing to be one of a kind. It is a goal to seek harmony within these two views.

When looking for the rare one of a kind or another way to see one’s individuality it rarely just happens. Often, people get this idea of wholeness mixed up with the notion of fitting in. But conforming to the limitations of “fitting in” proves a failure in both wholeness and individuality, for we are not only our genuine, authentic selves because of this, but we also do not feel that sense of wholeness and acceptance because of it. Deep down, we know that this false image we portray can never fill us with the gratitude and happiness we seek.

Our society, for the majority, is one of judgment based on differences. We see this in the race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, etc. We see and hear about this frequently, mainly in major news, but the judgments that happen daily, in our everyday lives, are the ones about the free-thinkers. The questioning minds and rebelling souls. The quirky individuals that often get teased in high school for being weird. The ones that stand out, but in our society, that is seen as a bad thing because they are different. And we judge differently.

Our family, our peers, the media, they all try to fit us into a mold. But why do we want to be a copy? Why do we try to be like everyone else? Why try to dim that burning fire inside of us when that is the thing that shines and makes us unique? Society needs to embrace these differences instead of shunning them because, in reality, we are all unique. Many of us just don’t let our uniqueness show in fear of not obtaining that sense of wholeness and acceptance.

To shift our perspective to one of acceptance for all instead of mocking those that are different. Many great minds and leaders throughout the ages were the “oddballs,” “rebels,” etc. All because they chose to allow their fires to burn within them, letting themselves be taken by passion, by an idea, or however they let their uniqueness shine. So here’s to the free-thinkers, the rebels, the outcasts, the curious minds, and the lost souls. To those who chose to stand alone and discover who they were in the process of standing alone.

Their bravery of being themselves is a lesson for us to take note of because then one can be their authentic selves. It means that when allowing their real identities and individuality to show, that they can find wholeness and acceptance with others that have embraced this same idea of respecting and valuing our differences just as much as our similarities. What you can do is learn through personal development who and what you are at your core and stand in your power.

So, here’s to the odd and the weird that makes this world a little bit brighter with their shining rays. The art of being you and blending your individuality into the wholeness that is your right that is your goal. Stay weird. Stay beautiful, be you in all your uniqueness shine.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.


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