Iconic Fashion Designers

Coco Chanel

Donna Karan

Diane Von Furstenberg

Hello and welcome!  This site is all about what fashion and style mean to you... and why you love it.

Listed above are three of my favorite fashion designers and I will share with you why I like them so much.

Number One - is a classic favorite for almost everyone in the fashion business - Coco Chanel

Her trademark Chanel suits and the little black dress remains to this day timeless designs that are still popular today. Her emphasis was on making clothes that were comfortable for women. Feminine and easy fitting designs were her mainstay. She borrowed elements of men's wear emphasizing comfort over the constraints of popular fashion of her times. Chanel was the first designer to launch a perfume using her name which to this day ranks as one of the top selling fragrances.

Number Two - made her mark with her 7 Easy Pieces collections and her hip affordable line DKNY - Donna Karan

Donna Karan is an American fashion designer who has left us all with a lasting influential impact in the world of fashion. Donna brought uptown New York chic into the mainstream. Her designs were modern clothes for modern people and she hit the jack pot with an increase of women entering the professional workforce. Yes, they were expensive and later on in her career she launched a more affordable fashion line (DKNY) that was influenced by her original signature collection.

Number Three - designed the iconic Wrap Dress that became a cultural phenomenon - Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg is one of our most successful fashion designers. Diane designed the iconic wrap dress for the working woman. Her designs appealing mostly to the middle-class woman. The wrap dress revolutionized the American women's apparel; it was versatile and could be a comfortable business dress and an elegant evening dress as well. A powerful fashion icon, Diane acknowledged the needs of a growing number of career-minded women. Today we have large group of young women competing to become Diane Von Furstenberg's brand ambassador.

There are so many fabulous fashion designers, both men and women, but you'll note that my three favorites are women.  No, I am not sexist, yet it can be said that overall women understand and design knowing more about women. Yes, we have some spectacular men who are fashion designers and many are phenomenal.

Now it is your turn and let's have some fun!

List from 3 to 5 of the fashion designers that you love and share with us below why you love them.  Sharing is powerful and a great way to begin our getting to know each other!

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