Which Human Behavior Controls Your Actions? Desire, Emotion, or Knowledge?

Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. Which of the three controls your actions or do you have balance for the three in your behavior? Bertrand Russell the noble prize winner who champions humanitarian ideals and freedom of thought had this to say. Desire is what all human activity is prompted by, in all cases. “Nothing in the world is more exciting than a moment of sudden discovery or invention”, and more people are capable of experiencing such moments than is sometimes believed.

Health, wellness, wealth, fame, power, knowledge, success and an ideal life, glory, and more are all governed by human behavior. The profound one that most people want is to leave a legacy that they are proud of, and that’s the person who is in touch with their purpose. We have emotion, and the key emotions which drive human behavior are love, hatred, anger, hurt, sadness, grief, joy and much more that you are familiar with no doubt.

Knowledge about yourself, about others, about the past – your past and the past of the world, the present – your present and the times of the world we live in now. We also have the combinations of the three which drive human behavior. Desire and emotion, passion and knowledge, desire and experience, and above all desire, emotion and knowledge. The most powerful of all the combinations would be human behavior driven by Desire, Emotion, and Knowledge.

If you have desire, emotion, and knowledge working in concert, it usually means that your behavior is not to be in question. When this is the case, the compelling and compounding power of awareness and understanding is in evidence. When there is one/more subjects, focused thought, deep passion, the power of intellect and the force of human emotions – which is usually a recipe for deep profound and long lasting impact – provided the intent is right and positive.

The understanding of human behavior is a critical dimension in life both personal, professional and all other avenues one pursues. It will help everyone in their daily lives, and what you will observe is that anyone who has a keen interest in human behavior is usually a very keen “observer” of human behavior. In any given situation (if you pay attention) you will find one/two people being very keen observers. Even though they will be silent, you can see if you take the time to speak with them you will learn something about human behavior and more importantly about life.

If your desire is to lead a happy, meaningful and content life, you need to have balance and harmony among the three, desire, emotion, and knowledge. When there is even a minor imbalance among the three, it will have the potential to change your life forever either directly or indirectly. No one is saying it is easy, but with personal development, you can ease into it with the best efforts and intention, you can win by having balance with the three, desire, emotion, and knowledge.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.


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