How Your Originality Can Be A Magnetic Use It!

How your originality can be a magnetic use it. A woman knows and accept it as fact, and is a noble lady because of her femininity, she has high self-worth and knows it. How many boys and girls an entire generation bought into the message that you can be anyone that you want to be? Truth and the reality of that statement are that you can become a much better version of who you are already; you can be original. Remember “Oscar Wilde,” and his beyond famous quote. “Be yourself; everybody else is already taken.”

When you look around you, see how those who are making headway are being original. It is a fact that the world craves originality even with all of these tasteless reality shows. Originality is magnetic, and it always starts with someone who dared to be themselves. You have heard the expression that there is two type of people in the world: 1. People are living as originals 2. Everyone else is copying the originals.

The question becomes which one are you? Which one do you want to be? You have been shaped inside and out and formed into an original and unique piece of art. Your unique personality and unique gifts are at your core and are your purpose. The responsibility that you have is to discover what that is and then to go out into the world and share it, your originality.

You live in a culture that puts much pressure on women to be and look a certain way, to be beautiful as defined by someone on Madison Avenue. Advertising agencies are telling you above all physical beauty; there is nothing more attractive than a woman who knows her uniqueness and is living it. It means a woman who is taking her heart’s desires and using them for the good of others.

Once you can do this, it will mean developing your unique sense of style and taste. You are allowed to like what you like even if it is different. A woman who has reached this level of awareness knows her mission and focuses on it. She is quick to assist anyone in need because she has the heart that heeds the call of service. A woman like this knows herself, and her clothes are well-made and elegant, she knows what styles best fits and compliments her beauty.

What you’ll see is how her creativity and originality is used to execute projects, she knows and is about her mission. Ladies, this is the type of woman that a man longs to fall in love with, read on as to why. A real man does not want to play games he intends to see a lady that knows she is original and is going for her purpose. He means to chase after her and win her heart.

Your originality can be magnetic and when used in the right way will make winning your heart a beautiful thing and a never ending process. ( USE IT ).

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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