How You Can Boost The Confidence Of Others!

How you can boost the confidence of others happens to be a great gift that you can share, if you have it. Confidence is an incredibly valuable asset to have, and it helps us to be happy and to pass it on to others. What it means is that you are happy with who you are and believe in yourself. When you aim high at achieving your goals and ambitions it is saying that you believe in yourself and you enjoy life.

What sometimes happens is often a shame because you can see that many people are not confident and suffer from low self-esteem. Individuals who have researched this say that one negative comment has ten times the impact as one positive comment, and so for many, it is a like fighting a losing battle. One of the nicest thing that you can do for someone is to try to raise their confidence and make them feel better about themselves.

When you can give a truly heartfelt compliment and gingerly massage their ego, you will always go down well with them, and they will appreciate your friendship and concern. First thing first and the first thing you want to remember is that as with all things it will take time, so be patient and purposefully in your attempts to support another in gaining their confidence in themselves. Below will be a short outline of how you can begin to help to boost someone’s confidence.


Think about what it is about that person that makes them unique and that you genuinely admire in them. If you honestly like them and appreciate them, it will come across, and they will pick up on it. Everyone has something that makes them outstanding so make sure you communicate that to them as well.


An excellent way to boost someone’s confidence is to send a tribute to them. It is a good way to make sure that they know that everyone, not just you is impressed with them and what they are doing. Pass on all the right things that you hear about that person it will ensure that they know that it is just not you but, that others feel the same way.


A truly sincere compliment is one where you tell them you think what they’re doing is exquisite, and they are admired for whatever reason and then explain what it is that makes them so impressive – as opposed to just occasionally giving throw away comments like “‘you look great.”


More Insignificant comments that aren’t enough compliments but none the less will feed their ego. A splendid way to do this one is to say that they remind you of someone desirable or impressive as this way it comes across as not an obvious compliment and something that they will likely believe is more genuine. When you do the above, it can be especially effective if you happen to know who it is they admire or look up to (but that they don’t know you know). Covertly find out who it is that they look up to and then casually say ‘you know you remind me a bit of blah in that outfit/in that photo/when you stated that.’ It’s amazing how much that can make their day.


Words of encouragement then are some of the best ways to make someone feel confident and like they can achieve anything. Of course, if someone is very insecure or lacks the confidence to a great extent, it usually is because they aren’t happy with themselves for whatever reason. There are many ways that you can make someone feel more confident by helping them to better themselves – so give them career advice, recommend they go to the gym (and maybe go with them) and help them to improve their dress sense and style. If you look good and healthy, then you’ll feel safe and healthy.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.


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