How You Can Be a Lady Of Influence With Class And Elegance!

Have you ever ask yourself how you could be a lady of Influence with Class and Elegance? If not then you’re already there and if you have let’s talk about how you can become a lady that when you walk into a room, people take notice. It is not breeding, that makes a woman classy, no it is more an attitude and a determination to be because you have the desire and heart to be a lady that is Elegant and classy.

What you can start to do right here and now is to forget thinking that you need a finishing school and lessons in deportment, you don’t. What you can get right here and now are some major but simple steps and lessons that you can implement beginning now. Let’s start with a listing of some things that you must master.

MIND YOUR LANGUAGE: The first thing that will scream to anyone who knows better is a woman who uses lots of bad languages. If a string of four letter words come forth from your mouth, every time you speak you will give off the image of anything but a lady.

IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE: Avoid slouching at all cost. Having good posture is an important part of being classy. Make sure you keep your back straight, whether you’re sitting down or standing up. Slouching is a sign of laziness and bad manners.

TALK SOFTLY: Ladies have no need to shout to get others attention. Speak softly and don’t talk too fast. Speaking softly does not mean little girls whisper voice, it says softly but controlled and strong. When you speak in this way, people will notice you and treat you like a lady.

KEEP YOUR MAKEUP SUBTLE: Always wear makeup that is right for the occasion and natural is always best.

WALK TALL AND BE CAREFUL HOW YOU SIT: Walk tall and proud with confidence. Make a positive statement with how you hold yourself. Gently place yourself down, in a graceful and ladylike manner. Never plonk yourself down and be aware of what your clothes are doing, as you sit.

BE WELL-GROOMED: Wear great looking clothes and great hair. Never brush your hair in public, wait until you’re alone in the bathroom. Avoid being too casual with your clothing, you don’t need expensive designer clothes but make sure that your clothes are clean, and well-fitted. When you do this, it will make you feel more confident and elegant.

WEAR A GOOD SCENT: Not too much, or too overpowering though, just enough to make an impression. A good quality scent will add to your feeling sophisticated and elegant.

BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS MAKE PEOPLE COMFORTABLE: This is the key to being an elegant and classy lady because you will never be mistaken for a snob. Always be polite never saying anything hurtful or offensive to other people. Classy and elegant ladies are social and at ease with others. If being social is not easy and you know it, work on improving your social skills, and on being charismatic.

You can go the extra mile and find friends who are like minded and give as you learn to be the elegant and classy lady that you are at heart.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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