How To Turn Your Effort Into Joy!


How To Turn Your Effort Into Joy!

Let’s use this headline that is a timely topic this time of the year and especially as it relates to exercise. Many people find it a great effort to making the effort of exercise a habit. Why do you think that might be, it could be for many reasons but what would your reason be if this relates to your lifestyle?

What you can do is look upon physical abilities as more of a good fit that will give you strength and endurance. Look for activities that will give you skill and movement coordination and see it as a preventative measure as well. The joy of effort gets you to thinking more about using your body, and that includes using your brain. The part of this is that your effort is involved.

While a vast majority of people want things to be easy and wanting things to take effort runs “contrary” to most of the efforts in modern society. In place of the attempt we want easy most of the times, but there are real benefits and value to the effort itself. When you are using your brain and your body to move, and trying something difficult that can have its reward.

How about this when it comes to exercise or any other endeavor that calls for concentrated effort. “It’s supposed to be hard, if it weren’t hard, everyone would do it…The hard is what makes it great. How about you do you agree with this mindset? There are many other ways to view this and to have more fun in the application of it.

What is know is that the path and journey you’re on will require effort. You have to allow the effort that you make to keep opening up to new possibilities. When you can do this, your environment will present the right effort to you that will support you on your path to wholeness. Nurture and enjoy your relationships because they are the biggest sources of happiness in our lives.

Take delight in the good luck of others and live in the moment and savor life’s pleasures. Focus on helping others and living with meaning, play to your strengths and if you are not sure of what they ask your friends. Look to your life as having a meaningful purpose and make an effort to discover what that might be if you are not sure.

Once you make the effort to change, for lasting change, the steps you take must ultimately change your environment and your schedule. The steps you take to get to the change you seek will allow you to connect with your joy. When you endeavor to do this it becomes a constant part of your growth and how you incorporate effort into your daily mindset will determine your outcome on finding your happiness and joy in life.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.