How To Position Yourself In Love Kindness And Service, Real Power!


How To Position Yourself In Love Kindness And Service, Real Power!

Who does not love “Wonder Woman” her mantra one of them was “Govern yourselves with love, kindness, and service to others”. When you are in a position of power and leadership, and you want to win you do it through unpretentious influence – not by the perceived power you wield in your post/ title. Great leaders exercise power by their passion and who they are, in short this motivates others to do their best work.

When you lead and rely on your personal power instead of positional power it will be much more persuasion and will galvanize others to share their ideas with you and your team. It is possible to be a bona fide leader, whether or not you are in a position of power. When this is the case it is true personal power; it is a genuine power that is given willingly to leaders by their followers.

Positional power vs. your strength, positional power comes by the very nature of your title. Your strength never needs to be stated it is evident to others. When you show up is one way that your power is reflected and also in the ways you treat others; it is about building relationships that result in an authentic engagement. When you are a great leader you are teachable, and you achieve this through active listening – not just hearing but, indeed listening.

Power tends to get into people’s heads because most people are not trained to handle power well. What’s interesting is that everyone has a super power, so what’s your super power? Don’t say that you don’t have one because you do have one. Everyone has something special to offer for some it might be caring for others, the power to teach others, some are technical or political in nature. Yes, you do have a super power and remember that power implies responsibility and more than responsibility it implies as well Duty.




How often do you hear use your power for good and do you find that you are saying it to someone else? We all have many extraordinary gifts, some we use, misuse, or don’t even know that we have them until someone points them out to us. What you can do starting right now is to grab a notebook and jot down three talents/skills/personality traits that you have that you are not using to the best of your advantage. How can you apply them now in your daily life? The gut never lies, embrace your Intuition.

Real power requires modesty and empathy, not force and coercion and people want social intelligence from their leaders. Life does not happen to us; it happens because we are here and have far more power and influence than we are aware of and imagine. When you decide that you are going to use what your powers are for good, you not only affirm your life but the people around you as well.

When you become a person of increase you let everyone that they will be better off because of their association with you; giving more than you receive and receiving graciously. People love being around those who they believe can honor and support them and enhance their lives. What happens is that when you improve the lives of others, you have the power to expand your life for the good as well.

When you are offering a warm smile, a kind word, a caring look and treating others in a spirit of kindness, recognition and appreciation, you will have the choice to impact everyone that comes into your life on a daily basis. The question before you, which of your special powers are you going to use to make someone’s day special today?

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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