How To Not Allow Laughter Into Your Signature Style!

How do you not allow laughter into your signature style, truth be told you can’t control that. Laughter has to be a part of your form; you must have fun with it and learn to laugh at the mistakes that you’re bound to make. While you are in the mode of discovery, you will make mistakes, yet the beauty of making them is that you learn. When you learn and take it to heart, you will discover the signature style that best suits you, and you’ll stamp it to you and your lifestyle.

What’s clear is that people love fashion and yet not many know how to find the styles that are best for them. When that is the case, it can make for laughter. Many people make fun of fashion because to them it’s dumb and even though they like it, they really don’t know how to make the best of it or understand it for themselves. Fashion is when you’re wearing what everyone else is wearing because it is the trend. When you do that it means avoiding the clothes that will flatter and suits you best.

Style does not change and when you have your signature style and stamp it to you the laughter when it comes will be hearty and filled with glee. Let’s face it the fashion business takes itself very seriously. What we can say is maybe that’s why it is made fun of by so many. When you give it some thought, you must acknowledge that fashion is a crucial form of self-expression. You show who you are without saying a word by what you’re wearing and your carriage, ( an old-fashion word ) for how you carry yourself. A person with style knows how to dress her clothes in style.

How about these pearls of wisdom, fashion is like art, and not everyone understands it. This is true because we see so many wearing styles that just don’t suit them. Often it’s just to look good in what they’re wearing without knowing to how to dress it best for their body shape, personality, lifestyle and other significant factors. Fashion is a statement of the designers. You have to know how to wear it. The fun and often times laughter comes into play when it is not dressed so that it highlights you best. When that happens, people do tend to make fun of fashion and even style when it does not showcase you in your best light.

Signature style when you stamp it to you will allow you to sparkle, shine and glow. When you can make the right choices, there will be no laughter and if so it will be you laughing at how you have not lost your sense of humor.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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