How To Erase Envy And Embrace What You Have!

How do we erase envy in our lives and embrace what we have and open ourselves to the greatness within us all? Jealousy is a negative emotion that surfaces when you begin to compare what you have to what others have. When you leave it unchecked, you can count on it making your life miserable. Envy is a victim mentality, and it is damaging to your physical and mental health and more prevalent among women than men.

Envy comes in under many different umbrellas the envy of beauty for women seems to ride straight to the top. Let’s look at some of the top reasons that women envy beautiful women.

We envy the attention men give to beautiful women. Men do not let any beauty go unnoticed. It can be a quick glance or a hard stare, men admire the beauty and make a note of it always.

Women envy other women’s beauty because they want her life and her beauty makes her feel insignificant and insecure.

We envy beauty because usually it appears calm, collected and confident and the women who have it seem to get what they want.

It is time to break free of envy towards other women considers these helpful, life-changing steps to overcoming envy:

Shift your focus to the goodness in your life, the number one reason we do this is that we are not taking into account our blessings. You must remind yourself that nobody has it all. When you compare your life to another, it will always be a losing proposition. Each person you meet will be experiencing problems, trials, and weakness, just like you are just different.

You have to learn how to avoid people who habitually value the wrong things. People and possessions, we all have to be mindful of what you admire and why? Don’t stay around those who think their properties are what makes them unique. You have far more meaningful things to pursue. Look to and find people who love life and are grateful that they are alive and filled with gratitude; it will be contagious.

Accept the fact that Marketers routinely fan the flame. You must be on guard against their tactics, recognize them and don’t succumb to their deception. You will know that you are on the right track when you can celebrate the success of others. When you can genuinely and practically rejoice in the fortune of others you are on your way to overcoming envy once and for all. Be generous even if you have to force it at first.

Give, give your time, your finances, abilities, talents, and skills, volunteer and break free from envy and experience a more fulfilled life, you deserve it.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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