How To Discover And Dress Your Ultimate Truth!

How To Discover And Dress Your Ultimate Truth!

The steps that you take to find your different truth will reveal to you who you are at your core. The journey to your essential and ultimate truth will lead you to the natural beauty of who you are at your core. When you embark on the adventure of discovering what your truth is the journey will have it’s setbacks but, the rewards will be well worth it and joyful to your purpose.

Here are a few basic steps that will assure you that you are on the right track and, when you follow them will bring you many rewards.

Decide – Might seem to obvious, but the power of having a clear decision and an ultimate desire to find your truth and to set it in motion will take you to a win-win.

The ego you will have to get out of the way because it has you holding on to much that is not necessarily true.

Meditate – Sad but we have too many people who just don’t get how important it is for you to take some time out for quiet reflection. Meditating will stop the mind

and allow you to listen to your inner guidance and feel it.

Let Go and Surrender – When you arrive at what’s mediation, you can affirm your intentions to let go, release and surrender; and that means giving over when it is possible; you can give over, not to give up, and that means all the things that you no longer need.




Allow – When you release all the false beliefs, perceptions, identities and false truths, you are then open and an empty vessel waiting. The truth that you tell is waiting to be your reality. Allow your truth be filled with your essence. Let the truth to come to you and enjoy you will know it when it begins to enter into your mindset.

Receive – It is the journey and once you start and allow your personal truth to come you can not image the joy and freedom it will bring you, receiving what is your ultimate reality will be one of your many gifts. The end results are that you can only follow your truth, if not you are pretending to be someone else and, not living your bliss.

What we can tell you is this, “Trust yourself to know you”, in your heart you already know your real self, tune in and listen. What does dressing your truth mean to you and how does it play in your life? How you appear and your grooming will be a part of your reality. You are here to be as the Army slogan goes “to be all that you can be” and that means in every area of y our life.

When you limit your responsiveness to your truth, it will compromise your ability to achieve your potential. It is fair for you to ask how are you to know the path to your truth, given the many diverse and varied ways. The personal investment that you make and your capacity for discernment about spiritual practices will always present you with a test.

In the end, all that you desire is the ability to be able to discover and dress your truth. You want to do this in your God-given ability to be true to your purpose, and to live it to the best of your given gifts. Expect to grow in your truth and acquire the spiritual awareness that you need to control who and what is your reality and dress it as you will.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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