How To Create Peace Within To Explode Your Style!

When you make a comment like the above headline it causes people to scratch their heads, what does that mean? The word peace is pretty much only associated with world peace, yet it has other meanings all interesting. Let’s explore it as it relates to fashion and style, especially for women. How does having an air of calmness connect to your fashion style? Truth be told, it should be an essential part of your style, offering you a quiet calm that affords you a higher sense of confidence. What you desire most in your fashion image is the essence of tranquility and ease.

What does peace mean to you has to be the question you ask yourself, and it will always begin with you and your outlook on life. Inner peace begins within, and you carry it through to all that you are about in your lifestyle. Around the world, the word peace takes on different meanings, today we speak only to your awareness of the definition to you and why it has that meaning. Your clothing should affect your mind in the most positive ways.

The power of fashion and having a signature style that fits you best will give you peace of mind and the confidence that you need. What we now know and accept as fact is that clothes affect your mood. It is only the people who say that clothes are just selections of fabric worn as a garment. The meaning being that that person wants you to believe clothes don’t really matter. Research has proven that women attach emotions to their clothes and only wear those that make them feel good. Well, that said, could that be why the casual trend has taken over?

Putting style and the developing of it on the back burner. To gain a more open and far-reaching outlook about fashion, we have to get back to the basics. When we think of the word peace, we can combine it with the word confidence and get a much better idea of it. How dominant is fashion, and can we understand it better? The old school way of dressing to the nines is over, yet going to the far extreme in the casual look can be deadly. Anyone and everyone who wants to make a dent in whatever career choice they decided upon, have to get a better handle on the right fashions for them. Leaders and professional people still dress so that you can see who they are without having to guess.

The next time you reach for the yoga pants, tights and tank top and the other type garments in this category think again, what is it saying to the world? When we put on clothing, we adopt some of the characteristics of that clothing, even if you’re unaware of it. If you’re in casual, you’re more relaxed yet in an outfit for an important meeting you will alter the way you carry yourself and become more in tune with that image. Confidence and peace of mind are what you are aiming for just like wonder woman you put on your most potent outfit.

You go out and show up looking great. You are at peace within ready to give back and support others in their growth. Powerful and expressing leadership at its best.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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