How To Create Enjoyment And Explode Your Signature Style!

How do you really feel about your clothes? You have no way of getting around it clothes matter. You have to get dressed every day, so you might as well enjoy the process. Truth be told you don’t have to be a fashion stylist, and maybe you tell yourself you don’t really care at all about fashions? Well if you’re authentic with yourself, you have to have some type of relationship with your wardrobe. You ask yourself what is that relationship and how does it tie into your life’s work and your lifestyle and purpose?

What you need to do is to move away from the stereotypical fashion runway looks. You desire to move away from fashion magazines and get to what’s right and best for your lifestyle. Once you do this, you’ll be getting close to the enjoyment and fun of fashions. To explore the world of pleasure in your fashion style, you must move away from the mindset of just not caring about clothes. Dressing as an invisible woman and not having any attention paid to you is not a goal to strive towards. If you don’t do you, it is a failure to understand how you and fashion connect. Your external self will influence your circle and the world as a person of influence with the work you do in the world.

How do you create enjoyment in your signature style and stamp it? What you must do is remember that style is not only what you look like. Simple fashion style will cover how you dress and feel and where you shop, how much money you spend, and where you spend it. Remember that authentic style encompasses so much more. Ask yourself this question and be honest with the answer you give. How do you see fashion and style, is it as a form of control and empowerment rather than something that’s coming at you from the outside and holding you hostage? Your answer will give you the leverage and clarity required for the enjoyment of your signature style.

What is true today is that with the onset of the American dress casual, clothes represent freedom and that means you can have more enjoyment with your style. How we show up in the world offers us more choices, and we can blur the lines. When we do it makes it harder to distinguish between the young and the mature and the rich and the poor. The diversity of choice affords us more of a leaning towards the middle class. Why the hunger to be a part of the middle class when it comes to being casual in your dress style, it is easy to understand. What happens is that the high tolerance for different modes of dress and a new found appreciation for non-constraining garments it gives us more enjoyment in our fashion.

The enjoyment is to dress and be casual in your style. You can still be fashionable and feel good in your clothes. Once you achieve that you will have pure enjoyment and comfort with your signature style stamped to your lifestyle.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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