How To Build Exceptional Relationships In Business And With Family & Friends!


How To Build Exceptional Relationships In Business And With Family & Friends!

Professional success is important to everyone, but still the success in business and life means different things to different people and so it should. When you can build extraordinary professional relationships, they will be exceptional because of your ability to create healthy relationships. One universal fact is that real success, the kind that exists on multiple levels, is impossible without building great relationships.

The success you seek is impossible unless you treat other people with kindness, regard and respect. You can be a rich jerk but you will be a lonely jerk, and that is not the success you desire. In this article, we are going to speak to some ways that you can make sure that you are establishing good healthy relationships. Let’s list a few example of how you can build rather than ruin a connection that could turn sour.

It is easy to help when you’re asking, but the test will be when you step in without being asked. People who build strong connections do so because they pay close attention so that they can tell when someone is struggling. Not by asking is there something I can do to help you but instead by coming up with specific ways that they can help. People who do this push pass the No, I’m good standard reply and roll up their sleeves and make a difference.

When will you be able to answer the questions that are not asked, is the question? Once you can, it means that you are growing strong, healthy relationships. People who build great relationships think about what lies underneath so they can answer the questions. You will have to know when to dial it back and be honest. Most likely you know at least one person who is so in love with their personality and, they can’t dial it back? Knowing when to have fun and when to be serious will pay you and well.




What you’ll see is that people who build unique relationships will prove that they think of others, and they act on that thinking. How, often by giving unexpected praise. Everyone loves unexpected praise, take a little time each day to do and say something nice to someone that you know. When you can praise someone do it because you can and want to do it. When you do it for the right reasons, it will improve your relationships dramatically.

All great relationships are mutually beneficial. In a business that means connecting with people who can be mentors, share information and those who can help you create other connections; in short that means going into a relationship wanting something. When you do give consistently, receive occasionally. The person who builds fantastic relationships does not think about what they want; they start by thinking about what can they give.

When you are building good relationships never discount the message, value the message by always valuing the messenger. The people who do this know good advice is good advice, regardless the source. They know that good people are good people regardless of their personal perceived “status” What’s the takeaway here? Every relationship, however, minor and possibly fleeting, has value.

The exceptional people who build great relationships treat every one of their relationships as if they have value because in their hearts that is how they feel about the people they connect with to share and exchange.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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