How The Sexes Grow The Aging Process Differently!


How The Sexes Grow The Aging Process Differently!

Aging differs between men and women, through the mind, body, and their emotional capacity, and that’s a fact. It is nearly impossible to imagine life without being able to see it in its time frame. The society you were raised in dictates for each gender your personal health care, all connected to smoking, alcohol abuse, nutrition, poverty, access to education and many other factors.

You will find this age adage amusing,” Men age like a fine wine while women age like a glass of milk.” Needless to say, the jokes come in an endless supply when it comes to aging. Who wants to get old? No one does right? The saying that most appeals to those who accept and acknowledge the aging process is best said like this: “Growing older is inevitable. Aging is optional! You have to love it, yes?

Men tend to grow into sex drove creatures while women fantasize about it but not nearly as much as men. A woman/sex drive is not as relentless as men, but it only says that she seeks more quality and not quantity. Women over 40 become more aware and conscientious of their appearance, and that often can stifle their mood for sex.

Women are quite concerned with sagging, wrinkling, and weight changes that occur as part of the aging cycle. When the above begins for many women, it leads many to plastic surgery. Tummy tucks and Botox injections, women do these things to soften the aging that many feels take away from their appearance. Meanwhile, only a small percentage of men are concerned with how their aging bodies appear. What are your opinions on that outlook?




The surprising fact about how the sexes grow into aging shows most clearly in the health and happiness of the lifestyle. It appears that after 50 men and women begin to go down separate roads regarding happiness. The ticking time clock for men, shows a lower compliance to cope with new changes. Women, on the other hand, tend to show a highly developed set of coping skills, empathy and the ability to listen with the courage to pursue new endeavors.

What of this bit of news about women and aging, a women’s full complement of strength gives them the mindset to celebrate older age as a time of joy, love, and fulfillment for all they have worked for and grown to be over their lifetimes. It seems for women that “old age” is not just about surviving, it’s about flourishing. The evidence point to women who were feeling a greater sense of fulfillment, self-actualization, reaching their peak.

How about we end this article with some good news especially for our young girls. Research has presented us with some stats that are beyond interesting and will leave you with a positive outlook hopefully.

Two-thirds of women think they are aging better than their partners.

Men believe they start to look old at the age of 44, women at 46

1 in 4 women it seems do worry that they look older than their spouse

The ending age-old stereotype that men age better than females might be a thing of the past. The people who do the research on this subject have revealed that women think they are aging better than men, and the men agreed.

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